Tuesday 26 August 2014

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

Well I'm not sure how this has happened but September is nearly upon us. The mornings are getting chillier, the evenings are getting darker, the paddling pool isn't getting as much action and worst of all...there are MORE SPIDERS AROUND!!

We have had such a fun packed summer with lots of days out and play dates but there's so much more that I want to squeeze in before the colder months are here:

Go On Safari at Longleat
Elliot loves animals, especially the loud roaring variety and I think he would absolutely love it at Longleat Safari and Adventure Park. Me and my husband visited years ago but these things are so much more fun with a kid in tow aren't they! There is so much to see and do at Longleat so this will definitely be a full day out. Plus they have Postman Pat Village which is sure to go down well with Elliot :)

Take Elliot on a boat ride
We live right by the sea and if we were to visit Poole Quay (which we do often!) there are plenty of trips available to us. Somehow we have yet to find time to do this though - I'd better get a move on and make time if I want to catch the warmer weather! I could also combine this with the next one....

See the red squirrels on Brownsea Island
Brownsea Island is open pretty much all year long but the fact we have to get a boat there makes me want to visit in sunnier times! We've been saying for months that we should take Elliot there but I've always wondered how buggy friendly it is. These days he hardly sits still for 5 minutes so I think we could probably leave the buggy at home and let him run loose! There's lots of wildlife to spot so a trip over to Brownsea would definitely appeal to him. And it would definitely tire him out nicely ;)

Monkey around at Monkey World
This is another local attraction that I'm dying to take Elliot to - he'd love seeing all the primates. I'm not sure we'd get out of the giftshop without a big dent in our wallet though!

Ride the steam train at Swanage
A few of our friends have recently visited the Swanage Railway and it's made me want to take Elliot along after hearing great things. Just like his Grandad, he is train mad! It's always nice to visit Swanage too so this day out will definitely be happening very soon!

So there's my little list of our next adventures. Before we know it, Christmas will be on it's way so I'm hoping to squeeze in as much as possible!

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