Tuesday 21 October 2014

Postsnap - Postcards for this Generation!

Ever since I was a child I have always loved sending and receiving postcards. My parents still always send me one when they go away (although these days they're addressed to Elliot and normally of trains!) and I always send them and my sisters one when we go on holiday. 

At a recent bloggers event I met up with the very friendly Chloe from Postsnap and she told me all about their amazing App which lets you upload photos from your iPad/iPhone and send them as postcard to virtually anywhere in the world! From the Postsnap app you can also send greetings cards and announcement cards - very useful if you're a busy mum and don't have a lot of time to pop to the shops for cards and stamps! 

Fortunately we were due to fly out to Cyprus on a family holiday just days after the blogging event so I was very excited to be able to test out Postsnap for myself! 

I downloaded it before I left (it's free on iTunes!) so I was ready to go once on holiday. On the main screen it gives you the option of creating a postcard, announcement card or greetings card - it couldn't be simpler to use.  

As I was on holiday I wanted to send postcards so I uploaded my photo to the app (I uploaded directly from Facebook which was very useful although I did have photos on my iPad which I could have used). You can customise your postcard anyway you like - borders, text, filters etc. You can even upload several different photos to make a collage type effect. 

 On the back of the postcard there is lots of room for your text and you can even upload a signature! 

A regular sized postcard will cost you £1.50 which I don't think is too bad atall - and it saves the hassle of finding somewhere on holiday that sells stamps! And the bonus is that it gets sent from the UK so no more waiting days for your postcard to arrive ;)

I really liked using Postsnap and I can't wait for a good excuse to send a greetings card! 

*Postsnap very kindly gave me some credit to test out and review their App - the review is based on my honest opinion but I did really like it and will be recommending to others :) 


  1. I <3 the @postsnap app! I sent my Dad a card last week for his birthday and when I saw it I really wanted to keep it it was so nice!

  2. It's great isn't it, the postcards looked so nice and my family were really chuffed with them! I sent one home to us too but dimwit here has lost it since it arrived, doh!


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