Wednesday 26 November 2014

Celebrating Firsts with Pampers and UNICEF

Sometimes we take our babies firsts for granted.....first smile, first laugh, first steps. But not all parents are lucky enough to witness these important milestones. In some of the World's poorest countries, babies are at risk of catching maternal and newborn tetanus because they do not have the funds for the vaccination.

Since 2006, Pampers and UNICEF have funded an amazing 300 million vaccines, eliminating maternal and newborn tetanus in 15 countries. That's another 5 countries since their campaign last year!

Every time you buy a packet of Pampers, one vaccine is funded. Every time someone reads this blog post, Pampers will donate the cost of 3 vaccines to UNICEF!! And just by watching the video below, you will be adding another vaccine to the campaign:

Elliot has just turned 2 and it doesn't seem 5 minutes since we were celebrating some of his firsts. Here's some of his most memorable!

First cuddle!
First time meeting Nanny and Grandad
First bath! (He really really didn't like it!!!)
First Christmas (5 weeks old)
First festival / celebrity spot!!
Don't forget to share this post so Pampers can donate the cost of another 3 vaccines to UNICEF - every single vaccine helps!!



  1. Glad by reading this I have got them to contribute another 3 vaccines :)
    Such a cute post - we're about to have our first Christmas so I might have to borrow your carrot photo idea - so sweet!

    1. aww thanks! You can't quite see in the pic but he had a little reindeer outfit on, he looked very cute! x

  2. Aww so lovely to see all his firsts and lovely way to help donate some vaccines! Xx #babybabble

  3. aw what lovely photos I love the first Christmas ones - adorable. #Babybabble

  4. That face after his first bath! Adorable!! Such a special post with a great reason behind it too, well done xxx
    Thanks for linking to #babybabble


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