Sunday 7 December 2014

Personalised Christmas Cards by Postsnap

You may remember I reviewed the lovely Postsnap postcards a few months ago. Now Christmas is on the way, they have launched an exciting new range of Christmas cards which like the postcards, can be personalised with your favourite photo and then sent directly to the recipient.

As with the postcards, their home screen on the app is very easy to navigate and tells you exactly how much the cards are. For a Christmas card you will pay £3 which I think i good value because that includes free delivery.

After I clicked on 'Greeting Card', it came up with lots of options, including many Christmas themed ones. As my cards were going to be from my son, I chose some bright and colourful templates. I uploaded my chosen photo from facebook and it was really easy to tweak it to fit. There was options to change the colour of the card, or even the effect of the photo. My photo was a little dark so I brightened it up a bit.

Postsnap had stored my addresses from last time so it was very quick to whizz through the delivery options and to a finished order. There was also the option of sending another card to another recipient but using the same photo and template - very useful!

The cards arrived a few days later and Elliot's Grandparents are very happy with their personalised Christmas cards!

Postsnap are very kindly offering my readers 25% off an order so please use the following code at checkout: ELLIOT1

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  1. oo love these they look great!x

  2. Wow - these look great!!!! A brilliant idea - especially for all the doting grandparents etc!! I might just have to look them up! Thanks again for linking up xxx #sundaystars

  3. These look brilliant and very good value. I am sure the grandparents would love them. It is such a shame that I have already done my Christmas cards for this year. I may have to think about this for our cards next year. Thanks for linking up with #SundaysStars. Hugs Mrs H xxxx


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