Thursday 8 January 2015

Trendy Tot Thursday

Elliot has a lot of clothes...and I seem to be forever buying new stuff to add to his collection! I went into Morrison's yesterday and picked up lots of lovely items in the Nutmeg kids clothes sale (might do a separate blog post about that soon!) and I'm sure this will be the first of many Trendy Tot Thursdays featuring Morrisons outfits.

Skull & Crossbones jumper - Nutmeg @ Morrisons
Jeans- TU @ Sainsburys
Stomposaurus shoes - Clarks

I've said it before but the supermarket clothes ranges for kids are brilliant - who wants to spend a fortune when they grow so fast!! The jumper was in the sale and I paid £4 which I thought was a bargain, it's really good quality and I love the piratey theme. 

Trendy Tot Thursday : ClearlyBex


  1. One sale I have completely neglected to go to... Nutmeg - I must go (today HAHA!) That jumper is lovely, thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  2. Another Morrisons lover!! Great stuff, they have a good range in our store too - Love the jumper xx :) #TT_Thursday


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