Saturday 11 July 2015

My Week in Pictures

I've been really bad with the blogging this week and hardly had time to reply to tweets let alone write a blog post but I thought I'd do a quick roundup of our week in pictures so you can see what we've been up to :)

Top Row

- Whilst my parents were away on holiday, we took advantage of their lovely garden and had some of Elliot's little friends over to play. The toddlers spent the whole morning in and out of the paddling pool having the best time! I love this pic of Elliot and two of his mates - three little blondies in a row!
- Again in my parents garden, Elliot has been having lots of fun in the paddling pool. The slide is a permanent fixture in the pool now!
- We went along to a family fun day at a local park and Elliot was very excited to see a miniature steam train, he couldn't wait to have a ride!

Middle Row

- More water fun! We visited our favourite country park where there is a lovely walled garden featuring a brilliant water fountain for the kids to play in. Elliot decided to fill his hat with water, and then put it on his head. Crazy boy!
- This was taken a few hours after the water fountains, Elliot was soooo ready for a nap by this point and he wasn't being very cooperative in posing! The look on his face says it all ;)

Bottom Row

- As a blogger I receive some lovely items to review and this box of fun arrived last week. I'll be doing a proper review on Magformers  next week so look out for that!
- Here's Elliot after his Little Kickers football class waiting for the carnival to go past!
- My choir Just Sing sang at a local school fete today. Elliot came along to watch us and he bumped into Anna and Elsa. We had to take a photo but the look on his face is so funny!!

I really enjoy these type of weekly roundups, it's lovely to look back on all the photos I've taken!

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  2. Awww love his cheeky grin in the bottom one!

  3. Looks like you had a fun week, great pictures :) #SummerDays

  4. What a fantabulous week you all had. The water fun is brilliant; we've had such lovely weather to enjoy it. I hope it lasts. My little boy used to go to Little Kickers, I love their cute football kit. And how amazing that we live so close. Such a small world. Thanks so much for linking up #ThisWeekIveLoved xx

    1. Really is a small world isn't it, hope our paths cross as some point! xx

  5. Ahh your parents' garden looks lovely, I would take advantage of it too! The weather has been so lovely, we've had lots of water play days too :-)
    What's it like at Little Kickers? We were considering it, but wasn't sure if they understood how to play at age 2/3? Sabrina xx

  6. Little Kickers is really fun, Elliot loves going! They do lots of games with the kids and it teaches them skills like balancing, jumping, scoring goals, teamwork etc. I blogged about it when we first started last year, I tweeted you the link xx

  7. A photo round-up is such a great idea, and will be something you will love looking back on in the future. My girls would be so jealous that Elliot got to meet Anna and Elsa! Thanks for linking up with #SummerDays

  8. Sounds like you've had a good week. Love the photos to capture everything. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week


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