Sunday 13 September 2015

My Week in Pictures 13/09/15

This week has been a busy one for us and the days have just flown by. Autumn is creeping in but we've had some boiling hot days this week so we've actually been able to get out and make the most of the sunshine!

Here's what we got up to...

Top Row:
- We spent the day at the Dorset County Show (blog post coming soon!) and I just love this pic of Elliot and his Daddy looking all smily in the sunshine!
- In the last few weeks I've noticed Elliot's scribbles have started to look like actual people, I love it how the legs and arms all come out of the head!
- Big day for Elliot, first session at pre-school. He was excited, I was emotional!

Middle Row:
- It was a long walk home from pre-school so we had a lazy afternoon watching films in our pyjamas. Here's Elliot watching the Gruffalo's child, whilst sat in his Gruffalo dressing gown
- Tuesday was boiling so we went to our local park where they have a great paddling pool. Elliot couldn't wait to get in but it was SO cold, my ankles felt numb after a little paddle!

Bottom Row:
- Before hitting the park we met up with some friends at one of the local libraries. This library has had a refurbishment in the last few years and it's amazing now, so many lovely books and puzzles. There's even a cafe which sells cake - books and cake, whats not to love!
- Whilst Elliot was at his 2nd pre-school session I went to a cafe and had some breakfast. Felt very odd to be sat on my own without somebody wanting to share my sausage sandwich or slurp my milkshake! When you become a parent you get so used to never having anytime to yourself so it's a bit weird when you actually have time to relax!!
- I left the boys at home on Friday night and met up with some old friends for some drinks. We all met when we worked at Barclays in the mid 00's. We don't catch up as often as we'd like because everyone is so busy and doing different things but it's so much fun when we do manage to go out! In the olden days we used to hit the town most Friday nights afterwork and be out til the early hours drinking and dancing. Bit different these days, there were far less empty glasses on the table and I was tucked up in bed by Midnight ;)

Mami 2 Five


  1. Sounds like some fun times! Sad not to have Elliot with you all the time but good to get some me time! Lovely pics xx #justanotherlinky #sundaystars

  2. I love everyone's week In pictures. I've done a few but I really must do more. It looks like you all had a fab week. I love the gruffalos child, it reminds me of Christmas. And wow, first day of pre school! That's a biggie, I hope it went well for him, and you! Thanks for linking up with #thisweekiveloved xx

  3. It looks like you had a fabulous week full of laughter and fun. I love that Gruffalo dressing gown!

  4. Love a good weekly round up :) Sounds like a fab week

    Thanks so much for linking up with #justanotherlinky

  5. Looks like a great week - it's great when their pictures start looking like people. Thanks for sharing on #justanotherlinky xx

  6. What a lovely roundup of photos. Elliot looks so proud of himself (and super cute!) for his first pre-school session, but I must say, my absolute fave is him in the Gruffalo outfit!! Thanks so much for linking up with #ThisWeekIveLoved and #SundayStars this week, Steph xxxx


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