Sunday 20 December 2015

The Christmas Countdown..

With Christmas just ONE WEEK away, we have been feeling very very festive and have been getting up to lots of exciting things! Elliot has now finished pre-school for the year so we have lots more to squeeze in before the big day arrives. But here's what we've been getting up to this week..

Mums Night Out

New dress, check! New shoes with a heel I can walk in (ie a flat one then), check! Copious bottles of wine, check! Mums that have been let out on the loose, check! 

I don't really go out much these days so it's nice to get together with my mum friends and let our hair down once in a while. We had a lovely meal followed by a bit of Mum dancing and I was tucked up in bed by midnight - perfect! There were a few fuzzy heads the next morning though ;)

We saved ourselves a second trip to the bar by buying a bottle each - forward planning! 

Meeting Father Christmas

It's a good job Elliot is still young enough not to question things but we've met Father Christmas a few times this week - each with a slightly varied beard/outfit!! 

First of all there was a Santa parade which was due to go down our road. It wasn't really a parade in the end, just Father Christmas in a sports car and a trailer with a fake reindeer but he stopped to give out sweets for the kids! 

Next we had booked to see Father Christmas at a local garden centre Stewarts - it gets booked up really fast as it's so popular so we were looking forward to it. We actually bought Elliot here when he was a few weeks old so it was nice to look back at old photos and see how much he'd grown! Father Christmas was lovely again, unlike the child before us Elliot wasn't shy at all and marched on in!! He got a brilliant dinosaur present and we got a lovely photo. They even have real reindeer there which is a nice touch - we told Elliot that this is where they rest before the big night!

Today we did something a bit different - we went on a boat to meet Father Christmas! It was organised by City Cruises and it was a children's Christmas party with an entertainer, christmas music, games, and obviously a visit from the man in red. Elliot was in his Elf costume (again!!) and he had a brilliant time, I think he would have happily stayed on there all afternoon bopping away to the Christmas songs!

Christmas Carols

I've talked about my choir (Just Sing) before but it's something I absolutely love doing, I really look forward to choir night each week and our live performances are always so exciting! This week saw our annual Christmas concert - in fact this time we did two performances as it was so popular the previous year. Raising money for the Mosaic charity, a charity which helps bereaved children in Dorset, we managed to raise over £2770!!

Photo Credit - Just Sing Choir

End of Term

It was Elliot's last day at pre-school for the year on Friday so of course he wanted to wear the Elf does get washed I promise! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to see what he got up to but he came home full of smiles and he had a big pile of homemade crafts for me. The ladies at his pre-school are so lovely and all the children had a little present to take home. I think he will really miss going over the Christmas break! 

My little Elf on his way to pre-school! 

The week leading up to Christmas Day is just as busy for us but I love the festive build up just as much as the big day itself! 

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  1. Ooh when I was little my mum got round it by telling me Santa was very busy so sent his elves out to help him meet with all the children!

  2. This is a lovely week before Christmas round up. I'm so glad you managed to get a night out to let your hair down :-) and I love your piccies of your elf meeting Santa xx

  3. Looks like you are having a fabulous time and I think it would be brilliant to be in a choir. What an amazing amount of money you raised too Thanks for linking up to #sundaystars


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