Sunday 7 February 2016

Baker Ross Valentines & Mothers Day Crafts

We are part of the Baker Ross Blogger Network and throughout the year we get sent lots of lovely things to test out and review.

Our latest box of goodies contained lots of Valentine's Day and Mothers Day crafts and Elliot couldn't wait to get stuck in. Fortunately we've had lots of wet days recently so plenty of opportunities to get arty! 

"Let me take a photo without your hand in the way!"....impossible!
We were sent the Tulip Pencil Pot Kits, 4-Part Multi Paint Pad, Heart Pop-a-crayons, Butterfly Ceramic Flower PotsFlower Stampers, Heart Stampers, Butterfly Wand Kits and Bug Fingerprint Decoration Kits.

Elliot wanted to open the paint pads first - can't think why!! I have to say these were a bit tricky to open, I was expecting the plastic top to peel off but I had to use scissors and cut into the plastic. Could be a bit tricky for little fingers to open! We used to pads with the heart and flower stampers and it was a really great activity for Elliot to do. He got through about 10 sheets of paper and enjoyed using all the different colours, and then mixing all the colours together to make a multi-coloured stamp. He then used his fingers to experiment with finger and thumb prints...good job he was having a bath later that evening ;)

The stampers are nice and chunky and great for little hands. Easy to wash after too - I used baby wipes!

Next we moved onto the bug decorations - these were really bright and cute and we had to make them all! The kits are really simple and perfect for children, it doesn't matter if things are stuck on a little wonky as it just adds to the charm I think. This kit contained mini ink pads so it was another chance for Elliot to get his fingers dirty! The only thing I needed to help with was threading the ribbon and knotting it, the rest of the bugs were completed by Elliot.

On our next rainy day we decided to have a go at the Tulip Pencil Pots which would make a lovely little Mother's Day present. Again these were really simple for Elliot to make - I did help with the gluing but the sticking was all his handywork! I added a bit of sellotape to the backs of the tulip to help the petals stay in place but this is another great activity for younger children.

This afternoon we decided to try out the Butterfly Wand Kits and we even managed to get Elliot's Daddy involved....whilst the football wasn't on anyway! Elliot is at that age where he likes to do things himself so this was another activity where we could just let him get on with it. The only thing he needed help with was tying the ribbon around the stick but he loved doing all the sticking and gluing.

He spent the rest of the afternoon waving his wand and putting spells on us....."Hocus Pocus, I'm going to turn you into a sausage!" ;)

We've yet to try out the ceramic plant pots or the heart crayons but I'm pretty sure we'll have some more wet days this week so I'll definitely be reaching for the craft box!

All the items we reviewed can be found on the Baker Ross website for under a fiver which I think is great value. The kits are great for younger children because they are very simple to put together and won't take too long which is very important for kids with short attention spans!

I think a homemade gift is much more special than something bought so I will certainly be pointing my husband in the direction of the Valentine's Day and Mothers Day gifts on the Baker Ross website!

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