Sunday 10 April 2016

My Week in Pictures - 10th April 2016

Well the Easter holidays seem to have gone on forever but Elliot still isn't back to pre-school til Friday, eek!

Here's a little peek into what we got up to this past week...

Top Row:
- Last Sunday I had the absolute pleasure of singing with G4 with the choir I belong to. It was the highlight of my year so far and the G4 boys were so lovely!
- The boys had a day out by themselves last weekend and went to Marwell Zoo. They had a great time but Elliot was soooo tired. He was tired before he'd even got there as he'd been up since 6am and then him and my husband walked 8 miles round the park!
- The Marwell Zoo trip really took it out of Elliot and he's been tired all week, we've had lots of car naps!

Middle Row:
- The weather has been abit iffy this week but Tuesday morning was absolutely lovely and we managed to have a picnic outside. It was so warm but when we drove home 10 miles down the road it was torrential rain!
- Elliot loves animals but he's got a particular soft spot for my parent's cat Davey. Davey is such a big softy and loves Elliot!

Bottom Row:
- We took a little trip to Toys R Us yesterday and bought Elliot his first bike. We weren't sure whether to go for a balance bike or a proper little bike with pedals but he tried out both and we decided on the pedal bike in the end. He's been practicing out on our road but needs to learn to pedal and look up at the same time!
- Thanks to a competition on the DorsetMums Facebook page, we had some free tickets for the Royal Signals Museum in Blandford, Dorset. I thought it might be a bit boring but actually, lots of the displays were really interesting and it was a really good visit. I'll be doing a proper review on this later on this week :)
- We decided to visit one of our favourite National Trust properties, Kingston Lacy, today. We had a free afternoon so decided to make the most of the dry weather - and luckily for Elliot they were still running Easter hunts! Everytime I visit I get a photo of Elliot in front of the house and I love to look back and compare to see how much he has grown. I love his face in this one!

We have a really busy week coming up and I'm keen to make the most of the time Elliot isn't at pre-school! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend x

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  1. Hi Elaine, looks like you've had a fun and chock-a-block Easter break! Lovely to have put up all the memories in a collage. We recently bought our son a balance bike but he's still to get the hang of it. Great that Elliot is keen on the pedal bike:)


  2. Hi Elaine, it sounds as you've had a full week. It must have been fantastic getting to sing with G4 and the fact that it was the highlight of the year so far says it all.

    You know your little one is growing up when they get their first proper pedal bike. I hope that Elliot doesn't have too many bumps before he fully gets the hang of it.


  3. What lovely photographs. Elliot is very lucky to have been bought a bike. And it does look an awesome bike too. I hope he learns that look up whilst pedalling otherwise he might fall off a few times. And I love the idea of a picnic outside. It is important to grab these opportunities whilst the weather is good. Thanks so much for linking up with #SundayStars. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  4. My gosh - I'm not sure how you fitted it all in!!! What a super looking fun packed week! NO wonder Elliot needed a little rest in the car! Hahaha. Thanks for linking up with #SundayStars Steph xxx


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