Friday 27 May 2016

Kids Activities to Make Your Home More Personal

It doesn’t matter the weather or the time of day; I can’t get enough of craft activities. Lately, I have taken to designing and making my own home-decorating pieces, which is a great activity to do with my kids because they can see their work every day. If like me, you share a love of all things craft but aren’t sure where to start, I’m here to help!

Don''t Buy - Create!

The best place to start is with items around your home that you have been considering replacing with something new. I am not somebody who enjoys cleaning, so I do my best to keep mud and dirt out of my carpets. One of the best ways is with a shoe rack, requiring all shoes to be taken off before entering. The beauty of this activity is that it only requires the nailing of a few pieces of wood to make the rack, and you are ready to create! Designate each family member a rack for their shoes, and allow them to design how it looks, with colours or prints.

My little one decided to paint his a mixture of green and red, splashed across each other. It wouldn’t have been my first choice, but he loves it and it encourages him to use it instead of bringing the entire park inside with him.

Picture This!

Family photos around the home make for a warm and inviting environment and are a great way to share your memories with guests. With your family, choose a selection of recent photos you have all taken and decide where you will hang them around your home. Next, head to a thrift store and get some basic photo frames. Decorate them as you please in a style that will match the room you intend to place them. If you went on a beach holiday, encourage your kids to paint and decorate with a beach theme to match the photo. If you have larger photos that you want to stand out, check out the Groupon discount codes for Photobox where you can all design and order a canvas print hanging picture.

Paper Mache Vase

If you love flowers as much as I do, you have a vase in every room. And while I enjoy the traditional glass look, they provide the perfect canvas for your kids’ creativity. With some old newspaper and a paste glue, create a paper mache layer around each of them. When they are dry, give your children free reign to design them how they like. The best thing about this craft activity is that it doesn’t cost a lot, and you can replace the layers as often as you like to keep your kids busy each weekend and the styles changing.

These are just some of the great craft ideas that you can do at home with your family, and can be a great way to spend a day in or a day out!

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