Friday 22 July 2016

Baby Number 2 - Pregnancy Announcement!

You may have noticed that things have been a little quiet here on the blog recently. Well, I have a little announcement....

I'm pregnant!

I had my 12 week scan this week so I've finally been able to tell people our exciting news - and we were finally able to tell Elliot! He was quite excited and has spent the last few days telling everyone we meet "We're having a baby!". He can't make up his mind if he wants a brother or sister but has been so sweet kissing my belly and asking when the baby is coming. I think he will be a brilliant big brother! 

Inspired by the lovely Sabrina at The Mummy Stylist, I will be posting regular updates throughout my pregnancy so I can't wait to share the ups and downs of baby number 2, due 27th January 2017 :)

A Cornish Mum


  1. Yay congratulations, this is so the best news! Elliot is going to be the best big brother. Thanks so much for the mention, you're so nice Elaine! Can't wait to read your updates :-D xx

  2. Oh wow congratulations lovely!!! :) Only just had a chance to come and comment, how exciting and I will look forward to your updates.

    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

  3. Congratulations on the great news :) I can wait to read about your pregnancy updates
    I came a cross your blog through #PicknMix
    Samsam from

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