Thursday 2 February 2017

Pregnancy Update ~ Introducing Baby Erin :)

You may have seen my little announcement on social media last week but baby Erin finally made her appearance into the world! She was born via elective c-section on 24th January at 11.02am and weighed in at 9lbs...not quite as large as her big brother ;)

I might try and write up my c-section experience but for now, here's some photos of Erin looking rather cute!

I think my husband's phone has some amazing filters because I know for a fact I looked a lot worse than this!!

I love this photo of Elliot and his Grandad (my Dad) holding Erin


  1. Aww she is a beauty. Many congratulations what lovely photos xx

  2. Congratulations! May I say that Erin is a lovely name!! :) Greetings from the USA, from a fellow momma of two "E" named babies: Eva and Everett.

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