Thursday 9 March 2017

Imaginext DC Super Friends Arkham Asylum - Review

Like most kids his age, Elliot is a huge fan of superheroes and Batman seems to be flavour of the month at the moment. In fact, I recently asked Elliot what he wanted to be when he grows up and his response was "Batman!" :)

When we were offered the chance to test out the Imaginext Arkham Asylum, he couldn't have been more excited! Everyday he waited patiently for the postman and I'd get asked a thousand times a day "will my new Batman toy be here today?!!".

The Imaginext range is made by Fisher Price and is designed to inspire imagination and develop skills. It features a large variety of popular characters which will be easily recognised by children and a whole host of different themes.

The Arkham Asylum

So if you're Batman and you've managed to round up all the baddies, where do you put them? In the Arkham Asylum of course!

The Asylum contains four prison cells which can be opened and closed by placing Batman in the Power Pad in the control centre.

There is another Power Pad on top of the Asylum and placing Batman in this reveals a disk launcher, hidden behind the Bat signal. The playset comes with three disks which can be fired from the launcher - perfect for aiming at those baddies!

The playset comes with a Batman but any of the Imaginext figures can be used to work the Power Pads - great for mixing and matching your superheroes!

What did we think? 

As suspected, this was a big hit with Elliot! He was a little disappointed that the set didn't come with any baddies to put in jail and he said "Batman hasn't got anyone to play with!" but aside from that he had loads of fun playing with it. He immediately went and found his Batman figures that he already had and these were used in his game - although at one point they did look like they'd taken over the asylum!

The disk launcher proved really popular and Elliot loved the fact it was hidden behind the Bat signal and then popped out when Batman controlled the Power Pad. The launcher was really simple for him to use and he soon got the hang of shooting out the 3 disks in quick succession!

I think it's a great way of firing up the child's imagination - Elliot has already been making up scenarios with his baddies and Batman coming in to save the day and throwing the villains into jail! He has really enjoyed playing with it and has already started nagging me for some more Imaginext figures...!

The Arkham Asylum is suitable for children 3+ and has a RRP of £36.99. It can be purchased from Smyths Toys here

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