Friday 1 September 2017


So here we are nearing the end of the Summer Holidays - where have those 6 weeks gone?! Elliot is due to start reception very soon so I've had to be quite organised this year - I did most of my uniform shopping at the beginning of the holidays and finger crossed I haven't forgotten anything.

If you are feeling a bit last minute and panicking that you may have forgotten something, here's some essentials which may have slipped your mind!

Personalised Water Bottle - ItsYourStory (£15.00)
These fantastic water bottles are sure to stand out from the crowd, personalised with a photo of your choice. There are 17 different designs to choose from, featuring cheeky monkeys to little monsters.

Back to School card - Hallmark
I hadn't even thought about getting Elliot a card for starting school but Hallmark have some lovely designs that will really make your child feel special on their first day back.

All You Need to Know Before Starting School (Usborne) - Born Gifted (9.99)
This lovely book follows five sweet cuddly characters who have just started school. Featuring educational concepts vital to early years such as shapes and colours, it provides a fun introduction to the average school day and what your new starter can expect.

Lego Pencil Case - (£7.65)
Who doesn't love a new pencil case for the new school year...and who doesn't love Lego?!

'Lunch Bot' The Robot Lunch Box - Find Me a Gift (£14.99)
Love this retro lunchbox - how cute is he!? Strong and sturdy, your lunch won't get squished and you'll be the envy of all your classmates!

Skipper Children's Boat Shoe - Chatham (£45)
These lovely boat shoes are available in 3 colours and are made from beautiful soft pull up leather. People tend to just think of the obvious high street choices when shopping for school shoes but Chatham are definitely worth considering, they offer a brilliant range of boat shoes that would be suitable for school.

Itty Bittys - Hallmark (£6)
These little plush toys make great rucksack and pencil case buddies and would make a cute gift for your little superhero's first day at school

Wellies - Regatta (£11.95)
You can guarantee that the school run will bring rain...and rain means puddles. So what better way of splashing in puddles with a brand new pair of Regatta wellies! Elliot's school actually require him to keep a pair of wellies on his peg for outside play so he is looking forward to taking these in. As well as the vibrant patterns, I really like the handles on the welly - very helpful for little ones who are learning to dress themselves.

Are you ready for school?! 

*Disclaimer - some of these items were provided to me for the purpose of this post

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