Tuesday 2 January 2018


Elliot broke up from school on the 15th December so Christmas holidays felt like quite a long two weeks stretching ahead of us. I wanted to make sure we squeezed lots of exciting things in and spent some quality family time together - we're all so busy these days! The dreaded sickness bug hit 3/4 of us at different points over the festive period but fortunately Christmas Day was germ free :)

Here's what we got up to:

Fresh air and Freedom

Despite the freezing weather we wrapped up warm and headed out to one of our favourite local attractions, Farmer Palmers Farm Park. It's a brilliant place to visit with the kids and we have annual passes so we visit alot. We met up with some friends and had a brilliant morning - and as you can see from the photos, it's never too chilly for a bit of fun outside!

We also visited another favourite of ours, Kingston Lacey which is a beautiful National Trust property nearby. The gardens were all illuminated for the festive period so we had a magical walk around just as it started to get dark.

The days between boxing day and New Years Eve were a bit of a blur and each day rolled into one, I didn't really have a clue what day it was! We did venture out for some fresh air though - much needed fresh air!

We met up with some friends and visited Arne, which is a local RSPB nature reserve - it was abit muddy in places but the kids had a great time jumping in icy puddles and ticking things off their nature checklists.

Meeting Father Christmas

We ended up meeting Santa three times in the days leading up to Christmas Day - turns out Erin was not a fan!!! She didn't scream the place down on the 3rd and final meeting so there's hope for next year ;)

Family Time

I'm not at all religious so Christmas for me means more about spending time with family and friends than anything else. We've not seen as much of them as we'd normally do due to the sickness bug thats flying around but we still had some fun times!

Happy New Year!

We spent the last day of 2017 having a nice lunch out and then onto the pantomime in Poole which was excellent. I never thought I'd be someone who enjoys pantos but having kids changes you!! 

Elliot is back to school tomorrow so I'm looking forward to getting back to normality and getting the house back to a tidy state - I have washing and toys coming out of my ears!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas - Wishing you all a Happy New Year xx

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  1. Looks like a bumper year! Congratulations on birth of Erin.


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