Friday 12 October 2018

Bring Order To The Chaos Of Your Kid's Bedroom

As any parent will tell you, their kid’s bedroom is often in a state of chaos. And while this
may appeal to the child themselves, other people have to go about family life in the
knowledge that part of the house is permanently off-limits.

Is this acceptable?

If you ask many parents, it’s not. But many are at their wits end figuring out what to do about it.

Fear not. Here are some ways that you can bring order to chaos in your kid’s bedroom.

Give The Child Ownership

Part of making a kid’s bedroom less chaotic is to give the child some ownership over
what’s inside it. If they want a wooden dolls house, then let them have one. If they want to
put their pictures on the wall and organise their toys, then let them do it.
The reason for doing this is simple. If the child believes that they have some control over
their environment, then they are much more likely to keep things tidy. Although you may
not agree with their tastes all the time, being able to design their room connects them to it.
As a result, they will want to make it as good as they can.

Start Seeing The Room Through Their Eyes

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There’s no shame in seeing your kids bedroom from your perspective. After all, seeing
things from your perspective is what you’re used to. But now many experts, like
Maryana Gryshpun from Mammoth projects, thinks that parents should change their tact.
Rather than viewing rooms from their perspective, she argues that they need to start seeing
them from a child’s-eye view. Only then will they be able to appreciate why it’s so hard for
children to keep things tidy.

Her approach is to change the layout of the room to suit a child. Rather than having full-size
chest of drawers, she suggests moving everything a couple of feet down so that it is easily
accessible by a young child.

Create A Theme

This point cannot be stressed enough: make a child’s bedroom thematic. Not only do themes
help to create interest and make a child feel at home, but they also develop a sense of
continuity which can otherwise be sorely lacking.

Themes are also great for children who have a passion for a particular subject. As a parent,
you could create a butterfly-themed room for a child who loves all things insectoid, or a
race car-themed room for a child who likes to watch Formula 1. The possibilities are virtually

Use Tactile Cues

As adults, we see the world visually. But for children, the world is explored with all the senses,
including the sense of touch. One of the reasons children’s rooms become so chaotic and
messy is because the child themselves feels agitated in some way. Children tend to act out
their emotions. So parents who want to avoid the perpetual mess of their kid’s bedroom can
use warm and soft textures to inspire calmness. Plush pillows, soft rugs, stress balls and
calm lighting will all help.

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