Monday 4 February 2019

Erin Turns Two

When Erin was born I had all good intentions of documenting her mini milestones by writing regular updates on the blog. Her last update was 13 months so I'm not doing too well there am I ;)

Having read some lovely children updates by other bloggers (loved this one by Sabrina at Mummy Stylist), it gave me the nudge I needed to write one for Erin!

Last week Erin turned two which I quite can't believe. I know it's such a cliche but time really does whizz by and they grow out of the baby phase so quickly. Erin is a walking, talking, independant toddler now and it amazes me!

For her birthday we hired a hall and invited her little friends. Typical second child, most of her friends were Elliot's friends but recently she has made some lovely new friends of her own at her swimming class and it was nice to invite them along too.

We booked Libby from Erin's Moo Music class to entertain the children and she worked her magic for a solid two hours playing games, singing songs and generally wearing everyone out! Erin had a fantastic time :)


Erin seems to be following in her brother's footsteps and is right at the top of the chart for her age/weight. Elliot was the same but his weight/height balanced out by the time he was 4/5, I'm sure it will be the same for Erin! She is mostly in 2-3 clothes but some shops seem to be on the smaller size - the t-shirt in the photo above for example is a 3-4 from River Island and seems so small. Her feet are a 6.5H and seem to be growing fast!


She is currently going through a fussy stage and will not touch anything green or remotely veggie! She loves fruit though still...phew. She loves having toast and fruit for breakfast but isn't really a fan of sandwiches for lunch. She'd much rather have a 'picky'plate with some cheese, fruit, crusty bread, crisps etc.

Dinner times can be a challenge, I try and introduce new things but she would literally eat sausage, chips and beans every night if I let her! If she doesn't like something she will say "yuck, that's disgusting" and push the plate away. I don't force her to eat things as I don't really want to make a big deal out of it and she certainly won't be starving anytime soon!


Erin has moved from her cot and is now sharing a room with Elliot, her on the bottom bunk. This might not be ideal in a few years time but they like it for now and it means our 3rd bedroom can go back to being an office! She likes having a drink of milk before bed and she still has a dummy for comfort. (it will be going soon though!). She's a bit of a monkey and won't self settle so we can't put her straight into bed because she'll keep Elliot up. Instead we sit downstairs while she has her milk, and with the lights very low/off. She'll normally drift off with a little back rub! Sometimes she sleeps through, if she wakes up she'll just come into our room. The easiest thing is to just pop her in with us and she'll go straight back to sleep. We definitely could do with a kingsize bed though, my husband and I spend most of the night clinging onto the edge of the bed for dear life while she stretches out in the middle! 

She still has a nap most days but this is getting trickier to enforce. If we're home she will sometimes drop off to sleep if I pop her in our bed with The Highway Rat on to watch but usually she'll nap in the car. I can normally get her inside without waking her! I prefer naptimes to be earlier otherwise she can be a pain at bedtime - if she sleeps later than 2pm then we have problems! Some days she will snooze for two hours, other days 20 minutes.


Erin is a proper little chatterbox and has no issues with getting her point across. Popular phrases we hear are "oi! that's my book/game/toy/biscuit", "Ok Mummy!", "Yuck, that's disgusting!", "Go play with Elliot?" and "where/what are you Mummy?". I think it definitely helps having an older sibling because Erin just copies everything Elliot says and does. In the last week she has been trying to get Alexa to play songs...but she says "Sexa! Play Baby Shark!"

Erin has learnt to count to ten and we're currently working on her colours...everything is pink at the moment though!

Last week Erin started pre-school. It's a lovely little pre-school and it's where Elliot went so we already know all the ladies. She's only doing a couple of sessions a week but she absolutely loved it and can't wait to go back tomorrow!

Life in General

Having two children certainly keeps me on my toes, life is always busy and we do have lots of fun! Fortunately Elliot and Erin get on really well and they are quite happy to play together. Elliot is so good with Erin although sometimes I have to intervene when playtime gets a bit rough before someone gets injured!!

We don't really go to any baby groups but Erin has a weekly music class with Moo Music which she adores. We also do swimming lessons and are regulars at our local soft play cafes :)

I don't think Erin and Elliot look much alike these days, Elliot looks alot like my husband and Erin seems to be looking more and more like me....poor thing! What do you think?

Things Erin Likes
- Sausages
- The Highway Rat and pretty much all of Julia Donaldson's TV adaptations!
- Sticker books
- Hey Duggee and the stick song
- Andy and The Odd Socks songs
- Dancing/wiggling her bum
- Jumping in puddles
- Books
- Seeing her friends
- Playing with her kitchen
- Magazines, but only for the free gift and stickers!
- Peppa Pig
- Playing with Elliot
- Splashing in the pool
- Spending time with Nanny and Grandad
- Mr Tumble

Things she Doesn't Like
- vegetables
- Being in her buggy too long
- Kisses (only occasionally and on her terms!)
- Having to listen to my music in the car ("play tumble! want Tumble!")
- Brushing her hair
- Brushing her teeth

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