Friday 11 October 2019

Learn With Peppa - Trends UK - Review & Giveaway

*Disclosure - We received these items for the purpose of the review however all thoughts and opinions are my own 

Like most toddlers, Erin is crazy about Peppa Pig! Her love started from a young age and not a day goes by when she doesn't request to watch it or listen to the album (on repeat!!). At almost 7, Elliot would never admit it but I think he still quite likes it too!

You can imagine Erin's excitement then when we received a big box in the post which contained not one but two items from the Peppa Pig Electronic Early Range from Trends UK. This is a range we are already familiar with as we have the Peppa's Flip and Learn Phone and the Peppa's Laugh and Learn Laptop. Both toys are favourites of Erin's so I had a feeling she would love what we had been sent!

Peppa's Laugh and Learn Alphaphonics. 

This fab educational gadget has 7 different games to help children with their phonics. Each letter features something easily recognisable for little ones, such as M for Monkey, P for Peppa etc.

The games are really easy to change, using a small lever and the Alphaphonics has two sturdy handles on each side which make it perfect for carrying around and using on the go.

Erin spent alot of time playing with this and it really is fantastic for helping with phonics. She has already started recognising some of the letters ("E is for Erin Mummy!") and I think it will be a really handy tool when she starts to learn more about phonics at pre-school.

The only thing I didn't like about the Alphaphonics was that there was no off button - a few times Peppa has randomly said "Hello, I'm Peppa!" and it has made us jump! 

Peppa's Smart Tablet

One thing that causes squabbles in our household is who gets to play on the iPad. Peppa's Smart Tablet meant that the arguments subsided whilst Erin played on her "new iPad"!

Featuring the same bright and eye-catching colours and design as other Peppa merchandise, the tablet features lots of touchscreen buttons and an all important on/off button.

There are 6 games to choose from including Erin's favourite, the music roud where you have to match the sound to the instrument!

All the games encourage learning about colours, numbers, shapes, letters and characters. There's even a quiz - tap on Peppa and she will ask a question.

The tablet is aimed at 2+ and it's perfect for pre-schoolers. There's enough to keep them busy and the tablet is light enough to pop in your bag.

Overall, we were really pleased with these toys. Erin is a huge Peppa fan so I knew she'd like them anyway but I like that they are educational as well as fun. I also like the fact they both have volume buttons!


If you would like the chance to win a Count With Peppa from the same range, read on..

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