Saturday 22 February 2020

Top Tips for Taking Better Photos of your Kids

Before the kids came along, my camera was never far from my side and I loved snapping pictures of my friends on nights out, or stunning scenery on our holidays. These days I still adore taking photos but like most parents, my shots are generally of the children. The nights out have turned into playdates and days out and the holidays are filled with family fun and less cocktails!

Taking photos of children can be tricky because firstly, they don't stay still and secondly, if you have more than one child to photograph, it's a mission in itself getting them both to look at the camera at the same time

Tip#1 - Keep Things Natural
Asking my children to say cheese for the camera can bring out a variety of different smiles, and usually they can look a little forced! I much prefer a less staged shot where it's more likely to be a natural smile. Not like this one....!

"Say cheese!"
Tip#2 - Using the Camera Correctly
Technology has have moved on massively since my first camera and there are so many different options out there. You might prefer something basic like a point and shoot, or you might want to go top of the range with (Professional) Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras  . As with any new tech, it's good to have a play around with the settings and not rely on the automatic function - whilst the automatic setting is convenient, it doesn't guarantee the best photo. If reading the instructions isn't your thing, check out YouTube for how to videos and tips. 

Tip#3 - Get Down to Their Level
It's amazing what a difference this one makes. You can miss so much detail if you're higher than the subject and bringing the camera down to the child's eye level can help you see the world from their eyes. 

Tip#4 - Think About Your Background
My kids love bright outfits and usually wear tshirts adorned with their favourite characters. Combine these bright outfits with a busy background and your photo will just have too much going on to appreciate the subject. Simple backgrounds are the best and this can really make the colours pop! 

It's also worth learning how to take photos with a blurry background with can be really effective. Most phones have a setting that does this and I have taken some of my favourite photos using this function. 

Tip#5 - Lighting
I love experimenting with different light settings and nothing beats natural light! I especially love the golden light as the sun is setting and this can look really pretty in photos.

Tip#6 - Burst Mode
As I mentioned at the start of this post, kids move fast! Most phones and camera have a burst mode, or continuous shooting mode which takes a series of photos in quick succession. I've found this really useful for getting some perfect shots - it does mean you end up with a ton of similar photos but at least these days we have the luxury of digital and can delete the ones we don't need! 

Just a wizard jumping in a puddle! 
What are your top tips for capturing those magical moments? 

*Disclosure - this is a sponsored post

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