Friday 29 December 2023

Winter Family Activities To Enjoy During The Christmas Holidays

 Winter Family Activities To Enjoy During The Christmas Holidays

Winter can feel like a drag, forcing everyone to snuggle indoors for what may seem like an eternity. Unfortunately, staying indoors for too long has some mental health consequences. Thankfully, the cold and snowy months also present an opportunity to bond with your family, with work and school responsibilities temporarily out of the way. There’s plenty you can do with your loved ones to make the cold holiday season fun and memorable instead of locking yourselves up. So, start retrieving those winter boots, scarves, coats, and socks to enjoy these fun winter activities with your family during the holidays.

  1. Catch a Christmas show

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The holiday period is a season for pantos and parades. From the Manchester Christmas Parade to other yuletide events, these fun activities have become a part of the holiday tradition in most places. These dazzling and spirited events are usually characterised by colourful displays, jingles, outdoor festive decor, Christmas carols, melodies from marching bands, large-size mascots, floats, balloons on bicycles, and so much more. The cherry on the top is always an appearance from the special character of the moment, Father Christmas (or Santa Claus, depending on where you are). But it’s not just about the sights and sounds, as there’s usually so much to eat and drink. This is something your little ones will truly love - an excellent break from being indoors for too long. 

  1. Go ice skating or figure skating if you prefer

Whether ice skating or figure skating, they essentially mean the same thing - skating on ice. For clarity purposes, the activity of ice skating has given rise to figure skating and speed skating as two distinctive sports. But you can enjoy any of them during winter. Depending on your location, you can find several centres open for ice skating activities with free entry. All you and your loved ones need are pairs of high-quality figure skates and some basic manoeuvering skills on the ice, and you’ll have a blast. 

  1. Take the family sledging

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If you want something a bit more inexpensive, consider sledging. All you need to have an amazing experience is a sizable hill covered in snow; no need to travel too far. A little bit of courage is also crucial, especially when going downhill at top speed. You can use a flat-bottom plastic saucer or a traditional wooden sledge with runners, but the experience will almost be the same. It’s fun and exhilarating, particularly for kids, but please make sure they stay within sight. It’s also best to avoid taking unnecessary risks to minimise the risk of injuries. 

  1. Take a winter hike

Understandably, bundling up for a winter hike in the snow is not what many will consider a fun way to spend the holidays. While winter hiking might seem like more trouble than it’s worth, nature can look breathtakingly beautiful in the snow - something worth seeing and experiencing. Plus, studies have uncovered many health benefits of going for a winter hike, including building muscles and helping burn calories and fat. Winter hike locations are also less crowded, so you’ll enjoy some serenity. Alternatively, you can go for shorter walks in the snow around your neighbourhood. This option is less physically draining if you have little kids. 

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