Saturday 5 July 2014

Fun at Farmer Palmers!

Farmer Palmers is a brilliant family friendly attraction for under 8's located here in sunny Dorset. Since Elliot started walking last year we have purchased an annual pass and have definitely got our moneys worth already! We always have a great time whatever the weather. Here are our highlights:

Lamb Feeding:
This never ever gets boring! The lambs are always so over excited to get their bottles and I love it when they are released from their pen and they made a mad stampede to the waiting kids. The first time we went, Elliot was sat on my lap without any shoes on as he wasn't quite walking yet - a rather overly enthusiastic lamb came bounding over and started sucking on his toe!! Very funny but Elliot wasn't quite so keen and it took a few visits to get him used to the crazy hungry lambs!

Guinea Pigs:
Who doesn't love a guinea pig?! Elliot loves having a squeaking guinea pig on his lap and he always says "ahhh!" as he strokes it! 

Bouncy Castles:
Farmer Palmers has not one but two big bouncy castles - this is good for tiring toddlers out ;)

The Tractors:
I think this may be Elliot's favourite thing about FP - lots of pedal tractors to sit on, push, pull round etc. He would spend all day in this bit if I let him! 

Things to Climb on:
FP has a large sandy play area with plenty to keep the kids busy - swings, slides, climbing name it, they have it! Elliot's favourite things to play on are the wooden animals - especially the horses! 

The Henhouse:
Farmer Palmers has a brilliant cafe which sells amazing cakes amongst other things! It's good value and the portions are pretty big....and they do Slush Puppies, yum! 

Lots more fun stuff including the bouncy tractor ride, the Woodland trail, the splash zone, animal pens, pig racing, deer safari, hay slides, go carts etc etc!

You might even be able to spot Farmer Palmer himself! 

There really is so much to see here - we never ever manage to squeeze in everything in one visit and this is why we enjoy coming back again and again. 

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  1. Aw, we love Farmer Palmers too - such a lovely location and fun day out for all the family. It looks you had a blast!


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