Thursday 10 July 2014

Future England Star?! Little Kickers Football Classes

Elliot is football mad and loves nothing more than being outside in the garden kicking a ball around. Or anything vaguely resembling a ball! (I caught him playing football with a satsuma the other day.....!)

I'd heard about Little Kickers, a fun and informal football class for boys and girls from the age of 18 months. The more I read about it, the more excited I was to get Elliot signed up!

Elliot had his first class last Saturday morning and he absolutely loved it, as we knew he would. He was given his own little football kit to wear and he looked very cute running around with the other toddlers! The children started off with a kick around (Elliot couldn't believe his eyes when he spotted all the footballs) and moved on to games. The fun games are designed to help with their balance, co-ordination and even their problem solving skills. The session ended with a circuit which featured activities such as a net to crawl under, a "snake" to jump over and a goal to score!

 The class was run by two friendly young lads and they were so good with the children, having patience where needed (toddlers do their own thing don't they!) and being very encouraging. I went along as a spectator but my husband took part in the class - it was really nice for him to have something special to do with Elliot and I imagine this is only the beginning of the daddy and son football Saturdays!!


  1. How cute!! he looks like he had lots of fun :) x #pbloggers

  2. Ah, so it sounds like they expect the toddlers to do their own thing, that is good. I love the little footy kit, Elliot looks so cute in it. They run Little Kickers in our area, so I might check them out. Thanks! xx


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