Monday 8 September 2014

Tappy Fun :)

A few months ago Elliot went through a little phase of hating the bath.  Normally he absolutely loves bathtimes, and he spends the whole time splashing, pouring, jumping, floating, blowing bubbles etc etc. Then all of a sudden one night he decided that he definitely didn't want to get in and he definitely didn't want to have his hair washed. It was became a real battle trying to keep him in long enough to wash - he would literally try and climb out whilst crying!

We needed a distraction for bath times and I happened to stumble across Tappy - the world's first combined tap guard and bath toy!

Tappy has an easy to fit velcro strap that just pops around the tap, it's so easy you can do it one handed which is very useful if you have a wriggling child in the other hand! It's made from neoprene so is naturally insulating to prevent burns from the hot tap. And it also means you can bung it in the washing machine to stop it getting all mouldy. 

Elliot was fascinated by Tappy when he first saw him and we had no tears or tantrums because he was distracted! He enjoyed watching the water trickle through his tentacles and he liked pouring water into his mouth. Elliot is really into his counting now and I like the fact Tappy's tentacles are numbered from 1-10, this encourages counting practise in the bath! The number are all different coloured too so this is another great way of getting your child used to colours. 

I'm always a bit worried about Elliot banging his head on the tap but the octopus is nice and padded so it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if he did headbutt the taps! 

I really like Tappy, he has been a great distraction and it has definitely helped bathtimes in our house. Elliot is back to his crazy ways in the bath and our biggest problem now is stopping him from splashing all the water out!! 

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  1. Tappy looks like a great toy for toddler bath time, and added safety benefits - what more could us parents want?!

    I've nominated you and your fab blog for a One Lovely Blog Award over on my blog if you could check it out :)


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