Monday 22 September 2014

The Chris and Pui Show!

A few months ago I discovered that Chris and Pui from Show Me Show Me on CBeebies were coming to Bournemouth for a live show. I was a bit concerned Elliot might be a bit young and wouldn't sit still but I booked tickets anyway and couldn't believe my luck when I managed to get seats right in the front row!

Elliot is a big fan of Show Me Show Me and his favourite bits are "Show me your groovy moves!" and wiggling his ten little worms. (I apologies if you've never seen Show Me Show Me, you're probably wondering what on earth I'm talking about!!) We actually got to meet Chris and Pui in August when we went to Lollibop (read about it here) but we didn't see their live show so I was looking forward to seeing it in Bournemouth. 

I have to admit that when we got to the Pavilion in Bournemouth, I was slightly excited about our front row seats!! I've never managed front row for anything!! Elliot was very excited about sitting in a big boys seat although we nearly lost him on one occasion because the seat flipped back up taking him with it ;) 

When the show started Elliot was mesmerised. He spent ages just waving at Chris and Pui! He couldn't quite see over the stage from his seat so he spent most of the time on our laps but he was having a whale of a time waving his arms in the air and jigging around! The show features all the characters from Show Me Show Me such as Teddington and Old Macdonald and there were ALOT of songs squeezed in. They sung "If you're happy and you know it..." and when it came for the audience to sing "We Are!!!!" , Elliot sat there taking it all in and decided to shout "We Are!" about two minutes later haha! His current favourite singalong tune for the car is "music man" so he was very excited to hear that too. 

The show ran for about an hour in total, plus a short interval and this was just the right length so the little ones didn't get too bored. I'm actually surprised it held Elliot's attention for so long because he never normally sits still for 5 minutes but that just goes to show how much he enjoyed it! 

After the show we loitered in the foyer for a bit and Chris and Pui came out to meet their little fans. They had signed photos for the kids again (like at Lollibop) and I just think this is so nice, Elliot was really chuffed with his new picture! He had his picture taken again with them and I'm pleased to say he didn't look half as scared as he was in his previous Chris and Pui pic! The funniest thing was when we were leaving the Pavilion, Chris was stood talking to a lady and Elliot decided to shout "BYEEEEEEE CHRIS!!!!!!!!" - he's such a funny little boy! 
Elliot spotting Pui!! 

Chris and Pui are performing at lots of venues around the UK and I'd highly recommend this show if your little ones are as CBeebies mad as mine!

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