Sunday 23 August 2015

Elliot's Dream Lego House..... #OceanDreamHomes

Being a blogger's kid can mean great opportunities and this one certainly ranked high on the fun factor! We were lucky enough to take part in Ocean Finance's blogger competition and Elliot was challenged to build his dream home from Lego. Obviously being at the smaller end of the age bracket he did need a bit of assistance from Daddy but all ideas were his own and he got stuck right in!! 

We sat down and ran through a few ideas and I showed Elliot a few of the entries that had already popped up on the internet. He thought about it for a minute and said that he wanted to build a dinosaur house.......ok then, if that's your dream house Elliot! 

We were sent a box of the classic Lego and we already had lots of Duplo Lego so we combined the two. The classic Lego was a bit fiddly for Elliot so he concentrated on the Duplo construction and started to build the main house whilst Daddy got to work on the outside features. 

Obviously dinosaurs are quite large so we went with an open roof so there would plenty of room for their heads to stick out the top! Two matching stylish yellow windows sit beside the large open door. Inside Elliot kept it quite minimal with two "beds" either side for the baby dinosaurs to have their naps on. Hopefully they like hard beds because there's no option of fluffy pillows and memory foam mattresses in this house! 

Elliot kept the colour scheme to green(ish) to match all the big trees in Jurassic Park but added the blue bit on top for effect! Obviously any dinosaur is going to get hungry so he built a large
table for them to congregate around for their grub. First up was fresh goat, yum! But then we thought we'd better cater for the herbivores so it was a chocolate muffin...what every herbivore wants!

The house has prime position with the local water source running beneath it and is a stone's throw from a dormant volcano. One of a kind, this house proved a big hit in the dinosaur community and within minutes of opening it was swamped with noisy dinosaurs, one of whom couldn't resist taking a selfie! #dinoselfie


I think Elliot deserves to win because this house is a bit different from the standard entry and he's really used his imagination. He absolutely loves dinosaurs and thought it was so exciting building them a house. Elliot had loads of fun playing with this and went to bed dreaming of dinosaur houses! 

*Disclaimer - We were sent a box of Classic Lego to assist our house building

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  1. thanks for linking up with #anythinggoes linky. Awww i think this is so cute and what a fantastic house. Love the dinosaurs eating at the table he he xx


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