Friday 7 October 2016

Pregnancy Update ~ Baby #2 (Weeks 22-23 & Gender Reveal!)

The weeks are flying by thick and fast now and we finally know the sex of our baby - yippeee!!!

Last week we had a holiday in Majorca and had a really lovely time. The temperature was perfect. it wasn't too hot so this was a relief for me, didn't want to be too uncomfortable! I wore compression socks on the flight even though it was only two hours but I still got swollen ankles which I expected - I usually get this even if I'm not pregnant! We were all inclusive and it was a shame I couldn't take advantage of the cocktails but I did enjoy lots of slush puppies which are a firm favourite of mine whilst pregnant!

My bump is well and truly out now and it feels alot firmer. Even my husband said "wow you look really pregnant now!".

No cravings really but appetite is a bit hit or miss. I always feel hungry but can't manage a big portion. I eat a little portion but then find I'm hungry again within an hour!

My sense of smell is driving me mad still - public toilets seem to be the worst culprit at the moment!! I was sick at the airport as the toilet was a bit whiffy, poor Elliot, I missed his head by inches!

20 Week Re-scan

If you read my last pregnancy update then you'll know that our 20 week scan was incomplete and we had to make another appointment. It was booked for the Monday morning after our holiday and I was really excited that we might finally finally find out the gender. We decided to take Elliot along too so I wondered how he'd take to seeing the baby on screen! 

We arrived at the maternity unit and the midwife looked at my notes and said "you're not in the system, you have the wrong date!" - what! I knew I'd definitely got the correct date and she was quite rude to be honest, even when she saw the details of the re-scan written in my notes she was still trying to make out I'd got it wrong. She even said "well you're booked in for another scan on the 2nd November, why is this?" - er, you tell me, you're the midwife! Fortunately she said they'd try and squeeze me in but I was a bit annoyed as I knew it would mean sitting in the waiting room for god knows how long and Elliot was due at pre-school in a few hours! 

After waiting for 45 minutes we were called in (finally!) and I was quite pleased that the sonographer was lovely and not mean like her colleague we had met earlier! She was able to get most of the measurements she needed but was struggling with the heart - the baby was in a really awkward position and no matter how much I moved and changed positions, she still couldn't see what she needed! So I was told to go for a wee and a drink and she'd call me in after the next person. 

Fortunately, on the next go the baby was positioned perfectly and she could see that the heart was all plumbed in as it should be and everything was fine. Phew!

The sonographer said this was a cute pic of the baby's profile but I think it looks like she has giant teeth and a beard!! 

So....I guess you're wondering if it's a boy or girl?! I've been convinced throughout the whole pregnancy that we are having a imagine my surprise when the sonographer tells me it's a girl!!!! 

It's a girl!

I was completely shocked and it's taken me a few days to get my head round it but I'm really excited that Elliot will have a little sister! It also makes the name options easier because I couldn't find any boys names I like whereas I have definite favourites for girls ;) 

Now I know the gender I've been able to start shopping and I've managed to pick up some lovely bits and bobs in the Tesco sale. I'm not a girly girl and I hated all the pink floral stuff in Asda but Tesco had lots of different colour bits which were more my cup of tea! 

So there we are, time to get organised now. I think January will here before we know it!

Twin Mummy and Daddy


  1. Congratulations! I love pregnancy blogs and this was a great read xx

  2. Congratulations guys, such wonderful news. A pigeon pair 💗 Xxx

  3. Congratulations!! So glad all is well! I bet you're super excited! Thanks for joining in with #ThatFridayLinky

  4. Congrats fab update Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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