Monday 14 November 2016

Pregnancy Update ~ Baby #2 (Gestational Diabetes)

So following on from my last update , I just wanted to write about Gestational Diabetes. At 28 weeks I was booked in for a glucose tolerance test. This isn't something that all ladies will have to have in their pregnancy but if you are risk from getting getting gestational diabetes then you will be offered the test. Gestational Diabetes is when your body cannot produce enough insulin to meet the extra needs in pregnancy.  Any woman can develop gestational diabetes but you are more at risk if:

- Your BMI is above 30
- You've previously had a large (10+lb) baby
- You had gestational diabetes in a previous pregnancy
- You have a family member with diabetes
- Your family origins are South Asia, Chinese, Africa-Caribbean or Middle Eastern

My test was at 9.15am at the hospital so I was told to fast from 10pm the night before. At my appointment I had a blood test and this is used to see the level of sugar in my blood. Straight after the test I was given a measured glucose drink to drink within 5 minutes - I won't lie, it tasted pretty grotty! You can take your own Lucozade in to have instead of the glucose drink but check with your midwife/notes as hospitals may vary and it has to be a specific type of drink. I was then told to sit in the waiting room for two hours. I did feel abit hungry towards the end of the two hours but I had my Kindle to read so it wasn't too bad! After the two hours, I was called in for another blood test and this was to see how the levels compared to my first test. Unfortunately they aren't able to give you a result there and then so I was told that the hospital would be in touch within 48 hours if my test returned positive.

The next morning I had a phonecall and my heart sank when I saw the hospital number because I knew that it would be bad news concerning my GTT test. The midwife confirmed that my test result was positive for Gestational Diabetes and that I needed to go back to the hospital to attend the diabetes clinic that very morning.

Having escaped GD in my first pregnancy I was quite upset that I'd got it this time round and I didn't really have a clue what to expect. Fortunately I remembered that one of my friends had had it during her pregnancies so she was able to give me some advice and calm my nerves abit!

Back at the hospital I met with the dietitian who was really nice and put my mind at rest that I wouldn't have to cut out completely everything and live on a diet on brown rice and broccoli! She gave me some dietary advice handouts and the main thing I was told was to watch my carb portions and cut out any sugary drinks. I was then introduced to the diabetes specialist midwife who I will be seeing alot more of over the next 3 months and she gave me a blood monitoring kit. This was a bit overwhelming at first - I would have to test my blood 4 times a day by pricking my finger with the special needle device. Good job I'm not squeamish :-s

That was over a week ago and I'm pleased to say I'm getting my head round things and knowing what I can/can't eat. I've found a really good website ( which has helped so much with everything and they have a really active Facebook group too which has been useful for questions and reading what other people are eating.

Unfortunately my morning readings of my blood levels are still higher than they would like and this isn't something that can be controlled by diet. So I've been put on some medication which should lower this. If this doesn't improve then the hospital will look into putting me onto insulin. Hoping it doesn't come to this but we'll just have to wait and see - I've read that gestational diabetes can get progressively worse towards the end of the pregnancy.

The positive thing is, the gestational diabetes should go when the baby arrives but unfortunately it will leave me more at risk in the future of developing type 2 diabetes so will have to ensure I really watch what I'm eating after the baby is born. Good reason for me to return to Slimming World!


  1. Aww it's tough. I had it with all
    Mine and it hasn't left every time. It's not as bad as you first think. I am here if you need any support xx

  2. Having had it three times I can sympathise - I ended up on insulin injections as couldn't control mine through diet alone but it did make me reassess what my diet was. I eat much healthier ever since


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