Monday 16 October 2017


If you're heading down to Weymouth Sealife Adventure Park this half term, you might find some spooky surprises! From Saturday 21st October - Sunday 29th October, the Spooky Seas event is on - you will have the opportunity to come face to face with creepy creatures including Spider Crabs, Batfish, Dead Man's Fingers and Scorpion Fish.

The Sealife Park will also welcome back Zelda the Enchantress who resides in her creepy enchanted cabin, tucked away in the wetlands. Little visitors will get the chance to make some spooky slime with her plus take part in a pumpkin hunt, spooky fact finding, creepy crafts and a yucky dip. And of course, costumes are welcome!

We visited the Sealife Park again over the weekend and got a sneaky preview of Zelda in her cabin before she's officially open from the 21st. The cabin looks great, very authentic with it's pumpkins and cobweb covered trees. You'd definitely know a witch lives there! Inside the walls are covered in cobwebs and the shelves are filled with potions, spiders and other witchy bits and bobs. Her cauldron sits in the corner bubbling away.

Once inside, she helped Elliot make some spooky sticky slime - this was the perfect activity for him, he loves slime! I personally hate the stuff so I'm glad he was getting her tablecloth messy and not mine ;) There was a quick photo opportunity and then it was time to say farewell to Zelda.

Elliot was able to take the slime with him in a pot but just a little's so sticky and the lids don't fit on the pots very well so make sure it doesn't come loose in your bag. He also left with totally covered sticky hands so we had to head straight to the toilets to clean up!

We decided to head straight over to Caribbean Cove after our Zelda encounter. This play area is one of the best I've seen and Elliot was so excited to be let loose on the equipment! Handily there is a Costa and picnic benches so I was able to sit and relax with a hot chocolate while he played.

We also bumped into some friends who joined us and the kids had a whale of a time playing in the play area. Elliot even managed to master the fireman's pole!

spot the slime!
We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the park and I even had to extend our car park ticket as we were having so much fun! My highlight was the ocean tunnel which can be found in the Turtle Sanctuary Zone. It was amazing seeing all the fish and turtles swimming above our heads. Erin was transfixed!

Elliot really enjoyed the rock pools and was able to stroke a starfish. The park was nice and quiet so he was able to take his time and he spent quite a while with his arm dunked in the pools!

Thank you Sealife Adventure Park Weymouth, we had a brilliant day out! 

For more information and ticket prices, visit the website:

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