Monday 20 May 2019

BRAND NEW Mighty Claws Adventure Golf - Southampton - Review

Last weekend we were invited along to the launch of Southampton's newest (and most fearsome!) attraction - Mighty Claws Adventure Golf.

We were already big fans of the Bournemouth based Mighty Claws so we couldn't wait to see what was in store for us in Southampton.

Mighty Claws Southampton is the 3rd one of it's kind to open (Bournemouth as mentioned before, plus Mighty Claws Colchester). As with the other locations, it has been adapted from a children's story, 'The Mighty Claws Follow a Monster' and is part of the Mighty Claws series written by Nat Luurtsema.

Set in a mythical land of giant sea monsters, mysterious shipwrecks and moving, life-sized dinosaurs,  Mighty Claws Southampton (or Viking Valley as it's known in the story!) promised to be a fantastic attraction.

Located just off the M27, Mighty Claws is easy to get to with lots of parking. As you pull in you'll spot a massive moving Tyrannosaurus Rex so you'll know you're in the right place!

We arrived bright and early and joined the other VIP's for the official opening of the course. We nibbled on mighty munchies and settled down for story time in the Golf Centre's cafe. This wasn't just any story time though, this was a reading of "The Mighty Claws Follows a Monster" book by the author herself!

Once the ribbon had been cut and the course officially opened, we picked up our clubs and headed through the gates of Viking Valley.

The course is really impressive with colourful life sized dinosaurs set amongst the 18 holes. Aimed at children 4+, some of the holes were very simple whilst others took a bit of work! Obviously we had Erin with us and although she is only 2, she still had her own club and gave it a good go...although she kept picking up our balls and popping in the hole so I'm not sure she totally got the rules ;)

As we visited on opening day, the course was very busy and we did spend a large chunk of our time waiting for the next hole to become free. But the good thing is, there are lots of things to keep children entertained whilst waiting.  There's animatronic dinosaurs to spot, water squirting raptors, a wobbly rope bridge and even an octopus to discover! I loved the fun little info boards at each hole - they were full of dino facts and even taught us how to pronounce all the tricky dinosaur names.

There's even a few holes where the ball has to be hit over the stream - needless to say, these were Elliot's favourite and he missed on purpose so he could hook his ball out of the water with the provided nets!

Both kids were highly disappointed when we reached the end of the course and I think they would have gone round again given the chance.

We had a fun day out at Mighty Claws and will definitely return!

For more info on ticket prices and opening times, check out the Mighty Claws website

*Disclaimer - We were invited along to the VIP opening of Mighty Claws for the purpose of this review, but all views are 100% honest 

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