Tuesday 7 May 2019

Our May Bank Holiday Weekend

Our May Bank Holiday promised to be a busy one - but Elliot was just chuffed that he had yet another day off school!

I love this time of year because all the local festivals start to happen and Saturday was the day of VenFest. This is a really local one to us (we can walk from our house!) and features lots of lovely local Dorset produce, live music and stalls. The event started off as the Dorset Venison festival a few years back but has evolved over time to include lots of other Dorset produce and is now called Venfest.

This was to be our 3rd time going and it was a bit of a special one as my choir were booked in to sing! We actually did a flash mob in the morning (an interesting experience!) but our main slot was in the afternoon and we had such a good turn out. It was our first gig of the year so it was fab to be able to run through our set list and see which songs went down well with the crowd! I find that the festival gigs are always really fun and we always get a great reaction from the crowd - I love it when the kids come and join in down the front...like mine did!

The kids had a great time at the festival and we pretty much stayed until closing time! 

Elliot found the Cerne Abbas Brewery stall highly amusing...can't think why :D
Sunday was a pretty quiet day - my husband went out training for his marathon walk in the morning whilst the kids and I caught up with Britain's Got Talent. In the afternoon they had a birthday party to go to - there was a giant dragon bouncy castle which Elliot loved bouncing on! Erin was a bit small for the inflatables but she got stuck into pass the parcel. It's the first time she's really understood it and it was very cute watching her passing it along and then getting really excited when it stopped on her!

Sunday evening was Line of Duty time and I was so excited to watch the finale of Series 5. We have binged watched all the other series over the last couple of weeks and we're finally up to date in time for the finale - it didn't disappoint! The highlight was this line!

Monday soon arrived and we had plans to visit Sealife Weymouth - we're blogger ambassadors so we love going along to check out all the new events. I'll be doing a separate blog post on the Lego event so keep an eye out for that this week. 

The kids always have a lovely day out at Sealife Weymouth and they always make a beeline for their favourite areas. The rock pools are always popular, as are the cute fairy penguins! 

The weather was lovely too so it was nice to sit outside and have a picnic. The splash park was on and it was a mission getting the kids to stay out of it! 

It was also a good chance for my husband to try out some of his new wardrobe items that were kindly sent to us from Jacamo. Working with them proved one thing though...we're not very good fashion bloggers haha! We found it totally awkward taking photos of the items but it was nice to see Paul in some new togs! 

His entire outfit consisting of black jeans, polo shirt and waffle style fleece were all from Jacamo and got the thumbs up from Paul. He said the jeans and tshirt were very much his style and very comfortable. The fleece was also a hit and perfect for Spring days like today when the sun is out but it's still a bit chilly! We actually took the fleece away with us to Iceland and it worked as a great layer for him under his coat. 

We finished the day with a spot of geocaching and just like that weekend was over!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too x

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