Monday 20 April 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy

I've seen lots of posts in the blogging world about things that make people happy...50 things to be precise! I've been tagged by Laura from Life With Baby Kicks and Amie from Mr P, Baby and Me so I thought I'd join and see if I can actually think of 50 things!! So, in no particular order....

1. Of course number one has to be Elliot and my husband Paul, especially as this blog wouldn't exist if Elliot wasn't around!
2. My family, we are very close :)
3. My friends, whether thats new ones or old ones!
4. Roadtrips
5. Getting a postcard
6. Naptimes!! (naptimes for me = blogging time)
7. My blog and all the lovely people I've met, or fun stuff we've been able to do
8. Jack Bauer (I miss 24...)
9. 30 Seconds to Mars gigs
10. BBQs
11. Going to Tesco on my own!
12. Cake
13. Ice cold cider on a sunny day
14. Finding a fiver hidden away in my wallet
15. Having the french doors open on a warm evening
16. Mums nights outs
17. karaoke
18. Pub lunches..actually eating out in general!
19. Family days out
20. Turtle Tots swimming lessons with Elliot
21. Seeing the scales go down at weight watchers
22. New clothes!
23. Having tea together as a family (don't get to do it in the week as my husband doesn't get home til late)
24. Fresh bed sheets
25. giggling about silly things with Elliot
26. Getting a tweet from someone I stalk..I mean admire! 
27. Holidays
28. Singing with my choir
29. An unseen episode of Peppa Pig (yes really....!)
30. Musicals - Les Miserables is my fave
31. Party Food (love it!!)
32. Hearing Elliot recite his ABC's :)
33. Hearing Elliot sing - so cute and funny!
34. Looking at old photos
35. Pub quizzes
36. Eurovision night with my family! 
37. Introducing Elliot to my favourite films, like ET
38. Sunny days
39. Singing Frozen songs in the car with Elliot
40. Cadburys caramel 
41. Watching Elliot interact with his friends
42. Lie ins (not that I ever get one!!)
43. Taking photos
44. New stationary
45. When Elliot says "I love you mummy!" without being prompted :)
46. hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows
47. Picnics
48. family get togethers
49. Reminiscing with old friends 
50. Getting home and putting my pjs on! 

So there you go, 50 things off the top of my head that make me happy. I'm sure there's lots more, it doesn't take a lot to put a smile on my face! 

I tag my sister Laura who blogs at Happy Days Out and Jeni from Poole Mamma xx


  1. Oh I love our Eurovision nights!

  2. Such lovely things to be happy about! I agree with a lot of them but especially fresh bed sheets, lie ins & putting my pjs on. Oh dear they are all sleep related- its on my mind a lot atm haha x

  3. ....#mummymonday

  4. So many lovely things. I also miss 24!! I may attempt this. Love the positivity of this post.

    1. go for it, you'll be amazed at how many things you can think of! x

  5. Great Post! I too love Jack Bauer and 24! #MummyMonday xx

  6. I loveee Jack Bauer! I also love receiving a tweet from someone I stalk, haha. #mummymonday

    1. Lol its sad isn't it, Twitter is great for celeb stalking ;) x

  7. I do love a bit of Jack Bauer, but 24 got a bit silly towards the end don't you think?? X

    1. Yeh a bit, he did start to look a bit old at the end too didn't he! We watched the entire boxset over the course of a few months, we became a little bit obsessed with it!!

  8. Great list! I was nodding along with most of these. Ah Jack Bauer. I found Brody in Homeland was a good substitute but that's over too now, sob! Hope you are in nice clean sheets tonight!

    1. Ah yes Brody, he was Jack though!! My husband is watching alot of House at the moment but Hugh Laurie is no substitute either! xx

  9. I love all these 50 things that make me happy posts so good :) I loved writing mine. So nice to see the little things that make us happy on a daily basis.

    thankyou for joining in with #mummymonday - love Gemma - host xo

  10. Brilliant list here!! I really need to do my one of these! So lovely to remind ourselves of what makes us happy :)! Thanks very much for linking up to hope to see you again tomorrow, Alice - host x


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