Sunday 5 April 2015

CBeebies Live Mr Tumble's Circus - Review

Today Mr Tumble's Circus rolled into town, well Wembley Arena to be exact and we were lucky enough to go along and see it!

We are big fans of CBeebies and Elliot loves Mr Tumble and Gigglebiz. He is also a huge Andy fan (See here!) so when I told him we'd be seeing Justin AND Andy he was very very excited! In fact he hasn't stopped talking about it since he found out last week!

We've seen smaller shows at smaller theatres before but never anything this large - I did wonder how Elliot would be but he took it all in his stride. We had brill seats to the left of the stage up high so he had a great view and was mesmerised!

The show was a mixture of all of Justin's programmes - Justin's House, Something Special and Gigglebiz and lots of his popular characters made an appearance. I did wonder how Justin would manage to do all the costume changes but some of the characters include Arthur Sleep appeared on the big screen linking the scenes together. Aunt Polly even appeared from the side of the arena and walked through the crowd to the delight of the childen at the front!

Helping Justin out were CBeebies favourites Andy Day, Cat Sandion, Gem from Swashbuckle, Robert the Robot and Little Monster. They all got involved in lots of singing and dancing, along with several circus performers who were pretty nifty on a unicycle! I knew Cat could sing but I didn't realise Andy had such a good voice - he's wasted on the number raps!! There was even a dancing dinosaur on stage at one point....and I've not stopped singing "boom boom acka lacka lacka boom" all evening ;)

When Mr Tumble finally appeared in the second half, he appeared at the back of the arena and walked through the crowd to the sound of "Let Me Entertain You" - very apt! Justin is so energetic and had the audience in the palm of his hand throughout the whole time he was on stage. There were trains, cars, songs, dancing, stars, bikes that lit up and lots of happy kids!

The grand finale featured the Tumble Circus - acrobats, clowns, jugglers, dancers....and Mr Tumble of course! I loved the use of the big screen on stage making it look like a circus tent. The show ended with two great songs - Reach and Hands Up and there wasn't a child in the arena who wasn't up on their feet dancing!

It was a brilliant show and I'm so glad we had the chance to see it. Elliot had such a great time and loved seeing Andy!

My only complaint is that Mr Tumble didn't sing his "Hello Hello" song - I'm sure lots of the audience would have liked to have joined in! Oh, and if you're planning on buying merchandise, you might want to take out a second mortgage....£18 for a kids tshirt! But of course we still bought one ;)

Justin and his friends are performing all over the UK until the 14th April - you can still purchase tickets from the official website here

One very happy boy :)
Disclaimer: We received a family ticket for the purpose of this honest review. All views are my own
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  1. Sounds like a brilliant outing for little ones. We are not close enough for any of the tours so haven't booked which is a shame. So glad ou had such a great time though. Thanks for linking up with #SundayStars Steph xxx

    1. Ah thats a pity the tour hasn't come closer to you, hope your little ones get to see it one day as it's a brilliant show xx

  2. Ah glad you both enjoyed it and yes that is expensive for a shirt ,thanks for linking up to #SundayStars xx


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