Sunday 10 May 2015

Share A Smile!

Today I am linking up with The Crumby Mummy's linky, Share a Smile and I wanted to share a pic from our week in Butlins that makes me happy! It's not the best quality picture but I don't think it matters :)

Elliot absolutely loved going on the fairground rides and the Carousel was a definite winner with him. He's never been tall enough to sit on the horse like this before so he was chuffed to bits and must have felt so grown up!

Every time him and my husband passed me on their way round he would shout out "I love you Mummy!" and he had this massive cheesy grin on his face!

It was one of many moments that made me smile and I'm glad I managed to capture it on camera :)


  1. That is such a lovely photo and such wonderful smiles! Adorable how he shouted out that he loved you each time he passed! I remember the first time Bob was allowed on a horse, rather than having to sit in a carriage. �� Thanks for linking up! xx

  2. What a fab photo so lovely so see two big smiles! =D

  3. Wonderful photo - full of fun!
    I hope you'll come share at

  4. That's adorable and made me smile too! Jess xx


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