Thursday 17 March 2016

Easter Crafts with Baker Ross

The Easter holidays can seem a bit of a long stretch if the weather is wet but why not use it as a good excuse to get some Easter arts and crafts done with your children?

Baker Ross have a huge range of seasonal items including lots of craft kits which are perfect for rainy days! And most of the kits contain everything you need so really handy for kids of all ages...and Mums that aren't very crafty! (That would be me!!)

We are part of the Baker Ross network so we were sent a box of Easter goodies to review. There's always a bit of excitement when the postman brings a Baker Ross delivery and Elliot couldn't wait to see what goodies we had!

The first thing he spotted was the Spring Bird Foam Stickers (£2.99 for 120). We have lots of stickers like these in our craft box and they are always really popular. The backing is really easy for little fingers to peel off and he loves nothing more than sticking them on a piece of card to make a picture.

Excuse the half eaten biscuit on the table!
We then decided to try out a couple of the craft kits. We were sent the Easter Bucket Buddy Kit (£3.60 for 3) and the Easter Honeycomb Decoration Kit (£2.75 for 5) and these were both a really great simple craft activity for Elliot.

He enjoyed colouring the decorations although the hardest part was stopping him from pulling off the crepe paper! Once coloured in, there was a little sticker which we peeled off and the honeycomb effect appeared.

The Easter buckets were also really simple. All the bits were ready to stick on so I just left Elliot to it. His finished Easter chick bucket looked more like Sloth from the Goonies but he was proud of it! He said he can't wait to put all his Easter eggs in it :)

Some other Easter bits we were sent were Chick Plastic Eggs (£1.99 for 10) and Easter Stampers (£3.60 for 10). We are a big fan of the stampers and we have quite a collection already. They can be used with paint or an ink pad and make a really fun activity. The plastic eggs are going to be used for an Easter Egg hunt but I know that Elliot will play with these afterwards too, knowing Elliot he will full them with plastic spiders and bugs!!

Finally, we were sent the Easter Egg Sand & Glitter Art Decorations (£2.75 for 10) and the Pastel Coloured Sand (£9.99 for 6). You peel off portions of the egg to reveal a sticky surface which you can then pour the sand onto. We have done something similar to these before and it was a real hit with Elliot and his friends so I'm looking forward to testing this kit out. We haven't had a chance to use them yet so will be saving this activity for a rainy day over Easter!

As always, I'm really impressed with the quality of the crafts and I love the fact that everything you need to complete the kits is included. I'm not a natural arts and crafter so these are a lifesaver for me!

For more information and lots more cool things, check out the Baker Ross website

Disclaimer: We received the products for the purpose of the honest review. All views are my own

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