Sunday 6 March 2016

X Files, Pancakes and Purple Dresses #LittleLoves

Thought we'd join up with the #LittleLoves linky today, here's what we've been loving this week


I finally managed to finish The UnMumsy Mum book this week - what a funny read!! I've loved Sarah's blog from the start and couldn't wait for her to release her book. I don't get a lot of time to read so I've been dipping in and out of it but really impressed, hope she writes a second!

We met Sarah a few weeks ago on her book tour, Elliot made quite an impression by dive bombing a chair just as she started her talk!


I have been loving the X Files being back on our screens! I was a massive fan back in the 90s and it's just as good as it once was. Love the chemistry between Mulder and Scully!!

Mulder and Scully - Season 10 Image Credit

Slightly different from the X Files but we caught up with Taskmaster this week. I'd never heard of it before because I don't watch the Dave channel but I've got a Greg Davies filter on my Virgin box that records anything he's in (I love him!) and this popped up. Basically 6 of his comedian mates have to do silly tasks - sounds really crap but it's hilarious!!


I've been following the Slimming World diet for the past 6 weeks. I had a bit of an iffy week last week and just couldn't stop eating things I shouldn't (like a whole easter egg, whoops). But I'm back on it now and have been eating lots of yummy healthy meals like my absolute fave, Slimming World pancakes. Always craving chocolate though ;)


I am so not into fashion and literally have no idea what I should be wearing but I can't get enough of checked shirts, leggings and boots at the mo!

Had a blessing to go to on Sunday so it was nice to dress up smart for once. Elliot had a brand new outfit and I wore a dress from the Dorothy Perkins Curve collection, it's one of my favourites and so comfy. Love the colour too. I wish I had more purple things in my wardrobe!

had to crop this pic so you wouldn't see the underpants hanging on the radiator ;)


I seem to have had question overload from Elliot this week and I feel like all I've heard is his little voice asking me about the human body, and what blood is! Or whats a bone. Or what's behind my forehead. Or what's sick. Or do trees have hearts. Or what are cheeks. You get the general idea! I love that he's so inquisitive but the constant questions....are all 3 years like this?!!! 

Music wise I've been listening to loads of 80s stuff this week, it just makes me happy! At work on Friday my husband was listening to a Spotify playlist for shops....he said it would make customers spend more money but god it was dreary. Switched it over to some 80s classics when he was busy, you can't beat a bit of A-ha to get you in a good mood! 


Had a fun trip to our local aquarium in Bournemouth this week - they have a special half price offer for Dorset residents at the mo so it only cost me £6 as Elliot went free. Bargain afternoon and Elliot enjoyed spending time with his friends. 

So cute! 
Hope you've all had a great week xx


  1. Wow, love the pic of you the Mrs Unmumsy! I've been following her blog for ages too, crazy to think how far she's come. I've still not got the book yet but it's on my to-do list. Not sure how I feel about Xfiles. I was a big fan back in the day but last week's ep was ridiculous and this week's was terrifying. You never know what to expect!

    Your Slimming World recipes look lush. I followed the diet strictly for a couple of and lost 6lb. I've fallen off the wagon a bit lately but need to get back on it. Your pancakes look sooooo good.

    Have a lovely Mother's Day :) xx

    1. She's done pretty amazing hasn't she, lovely lady too. You'll love her book, it will make you laugh and cry in equal measures! xx

  2. Ooh your food looks yummy! I'm on SW too and my food never looks as nice as that. I seem to stick to the same things every week or never get round to making what is on my meal plan. I didn't even realise DP did a curve collection, I'll have to have a look. Have a good week x

  3. My food doesn't either, think it was just luck and copious amount of filtering to make the meals look nice lol! The DP collection is ok, nothing amazing but it's just good to have another option for plus size girlies! x

  4. I love Greg Davies too! My husband calls him my weird crush (we all have one of those right?!)
    All those meals look delicious, and so pretty! xx


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