Friday 19 August 2016

Fireman Sam Electronic Pontypandy Fire Station - Review

Fireman Sam has been around since I was a kid in the 80's and is one of those shows that never seems to go out of fashion for children! Although he does look a little different to what he did back in my day....that man hasn't aged a bit! ;)

Elliot has got into Fireman Sam a bit more recently and has been watching him a lot on Youtube. He was chuffed to bits then to have the chance to test out the new Fireman Sam Electronic Pontypandy Fire Station (£39.99) from Character Online. As soon as the box arrived, Elliot couldn't wait to tear into it and start playing!

Fireman Sam's original fire station burnt down in 2005 (I did not know this!) and in his tv series he now has a brand new one. This new toy is a replica of the one on tv currently so your little ones should recognise it!

The fire station comes with several accessories such as Fireman Sam and his colleague Elvis, a test dummy for all important fire drills, fire extinguisher and bucket, a ladder and a pretty cool electronic control desk that says lots of different phrases including my favourite "this is an emergency situation!!".

The fire station has a handle on top which would be really useful for portable play however it doesn't close up completely so you would need to make sure the accessories are safe otherwise they would just fall out! All the doors of the station including the double ones open up which makes play really easy, and they are nice and sturdy for little hands to use!

The station has a turntable, maintenance ramp, working lift and even a fireman's pole for getting down fast! The fireman's pole is a little fiddly and Elliot did struggle with this at first so I had to lend a hand but after a few goes he could do it by himself.

The set is very well made however we were a little disappointed that it didn't come with a fire engine to use with the station. You can buy the Jupiter fire engine separately so it's worth factoring in this additional cost if you were thinking of buying the station. Fortunately Elliot had a selection of fire engines in his toy box already so he used these along with the station and didn't seem too bothered that Fireman Sam didn't have Jupiter to ride in!

This is Elliot's "Smile for the camera!" face ;)
Overall I think this is a great play set but I do think the price is a little steep for what you actually get. I would consider paying around £20 for a similar set however you are paying for the Fireman Sam brand. Saying that though, Elliot absolutely loves playing with this and it has kept him amused for several afternoons this week!

Disclaimer: We received the product for the purpose of the honest review. All views are my own

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