Thursday 4 August 2016

Kidloland Educational App for Pre-Schoolers - Review and Giveaway

Elliot is a huge fan of the iPad and although we do restrict it so he's not using it all day long (because he totally would!), I'm happy for him to play on it when I'm cooking dinner or getting ready in the mornings. He really enjoys watching YouTube kids, especially the songs for children.

Recently we were contacted by Kidloland to see if we would like to review their educational app. I'd not heard of the brand before but when I took a look online I was really impressed with all the glowing reviews from parents! Needless to say, Elliot didn't need to be asked twice to test it out!

The Kidloland app features over 300 nursery rhymes and educational songs, plus over 220 games and activities. From the main menu there are various different options to click on such as phonics, ABCD songs, Old Macdonald songs, animal kingdom, fruit and vegetables and much more! There is even a lullaby section which might come in handy at bedtimes.

The app is literally bursting with videos to watch and games to play and I think a toddler would have a hard time getting bored of the app with so much to do. New content is constantly being added too which keeps things fresh. I like that the app is educational as well as fun and I think it's a really good way of getting pre-schoolers familiar with numbers/letters etc.

I love the fact that the characters and videos are all so bright and eye catching, but also that the videos are interactive. Click on anyone when the song is playing and that character will do something funny like do a little wave or hide under an umbrella!

Another great reason to love this app is that it can be used offline - which is a godsend on long car journeys or places without WiFi! You can even create a playlist of your favourite songs.

I would suggest going through the settings once you've installed the app and get all the content downloaded before you let your child loose on it as it can take a bit of time to download everything. The settings can only be accessed by a grown up completing a sum so that's very useful if your child is prone to hitting all the button and changing the settings!

Elliot really enjoyed using the app and it has already proved very useful in keeping him quiet on a 4 hour car journey we did recently. Normally I have to resort to downloading programmes from iPlayer for him to watch but he tends to get a bit bored of that in the car so it was good for him to have some more choices and be able to flick through the songs until he found a good one. (The dinosaur songs seem to be a current favourite!)

The app is available to download from the Apple App store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore . There is a free version but I would highly recommended upgrading to a subscription to access the full content. At £29.99 for a whole year, I think that this equals really good value for money and you would definitely get yours moneys worth!

If you would like to win a 3 month subscription to Kidloland, take a look at the giveaway below. I have 5 subscriptions to give away :)

Disclaimer: We received a 12 month subscription for the purpose of the honest review. All views are my own

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  1. i do limit the times my kids spend on tablets basic rules like none at meals times or bedtimes

  2. yes, they only play when I need to cook.

  3. My sister restricts the amount of time her son has on them which I agree with and will do the same when I have children xxx

  4. Yes, never more than 40 mins even if they chop and change what they are looking at.

  5. holly harmsworth18 August 2016 at 17:50

    I try to restrict them but it is a little it tougher in the school holidays. this would be perfect for my nephew Charlie.


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