Sunday 28 August 2016

Pregnancy Update ~ Baby #2 (Weeks 13-17)

Well the Summer Holidays are almost over and I've not had a chance to write as many pregnancy updates as I'd quite like as we've just been so busy! Hence why weeks 13-17 are lumped together.

I've been feeling really well over the last few weeks since my scan, I don't feel queasy at all now which is great! But I've been feeling pretty hungry alot. It's very similar to my last pregnancy where I can't eat a massive meal but I seem to graze more throughout the day! Lots more energy too.

No real cravings but I am drinking ALOT more milk - well specifically, Crusha milkshake mix!! I hear this is quite common but I just fancy milkshake all the time, I've even taken to hiding my Crusha in the cupboard so Elliot doesn't spot it and want to have some ;)

My smell has been a bit funny these past few weeks and everything smells so strong - yuck! I had to empty the bin in the kitchen and there was cat food in there, it's all I could smell and it made me start retching - even when I put the bag in the wheely bin I could still imagine the smell of it which made it worse!! Elliot said "Are you going to be sick Mummy?!"

Elliot has been so excited about the baby and every new person we meet he tells them that Mummy is having a baby! He can't decide if it's a boy or girl, I think he's just excited to have someone to play with. Although he did ask if he would have to share his toys!

I had my 16 week midwife appointment a couple of weeks ago and that was fine. She went through some of my test results and then she had a listen to the heartbeat which was lovely to hear. Took her a while to find it though! The appointment was really quick and we were out within 10 minutes. Probably just as well though as I had Elliot with me and he decided to do a really loud fart as we got into the room - boys!!

I feel like I have a bit of a bump now although being plus size, I probably just look like I've been eating too much!! (Maybe it's the milkshakes!) I'm still wearing my usual clothes although I have bought some new things for my holiday in a bigger size. There isn't a great deal of choice when it comes to plus size maternity wear so I'm reluctant to spend a fortune on clothes I don't really like or I won't really get too much wear out of. Instead I've just sized up and in a few months when it starts to get colder, I'll just be in my trusty leggings and shirts/tops!

My 20 week scan is just a few weeks away and I'm so excited about finding out the gender!



  1. Aww that is so exciting. Pleased to hear the nausea has stopped. When you're I the first trimester I don't think you can imagine it ever ending. Looking forward to your 20 week scan now :) #maternitymondays

    1. I was quite fortunate and my nausea wasn't too bad really but I totally sympathise with ladies who have it severely, it's not nice is it! x

  2. Ah I miss being pregnant! I also drank loads of milk, but with nesquilk powder mixed in. Hope your 20 week scan goes well, can't wait to see your reveal if you announce :)

  3. I craved strawberry nesquick with my two girls, couldn't get enough of the stuff but I didn't want milk at ll with my son! Thanks for linking to #MarernityMondays


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