Sunday 2 April 2017

Jonathan Adler's New Fisher Price Range - Review

When you think of Fisher Price, you wouldn't normally associate Jonathan Adler, iconic American potter and designer. However last year he was named as Fisher Price's new Creative Director and he has been bringing his sense of style to some brand new products.

A new range of baby toys, suitable from birth, is inspired by contemporary art and features bright bold colours, geometric prints and gorgeous animal designs. It's never too early to develop a baby's sense of style!

We were lucky enough to be sent a selection of these new toys and Erin finally got a chance to do her first review! Obviously she is only very young still (9 weeks at the time of writing this!) but it's never too early to introduce toys to your baby to encourage their development.

Monkey Mirror (RRP £19.99)

This was my favourite of the range! Featuring a very cute monkey face, the mirror is perfect for tummy time. I love the clash of the geometric pattern and the bold colours and the attention to detail. There are lots of things to play with including a squeaky monkey, clacking bananas, a crinkly panel, fleecy grass, a jingling parrot and of course the mirror. The other side features colouring jungle animals. 

I have been encouraging tummy time recently and usually Erin gets a bit grumpy (she's prefers being propped up so she can see around!) but I think the mirror is going to be a great help getting her to spend time on her tummy. There are so many features on the mirror to keep baby entertained and I love the fact it can just be folded up for easy storage. It's really lightweight too so it would be an ideal toy to pop in your suitcase if you were going away with your baby. 

Activity Alligator & Activity Elephant (RRP £12.99 each)

These are lovely sensory toys that can be attached to your buggy or changing bag which is handy. Much like the monkey mirror, the toys are brightly coloured and feature the same geometric pattern as the rest of the Jonathan Adler range. 

The alligator has bright red and orange scales, a crinkly belly, a knotted tail and lots of different textures to boost baby's senses. He has a rattle attached to one foot and some rings on the other which make a fun clacking sound. I love that he is made of such lovely soft material, it feels almost suede like. 

The elephant is similarly coloured with a variety of textures including crinkle, corduroy, knit and plush. Like his alligator friend he features dangling toys which include a colourful butterfly and noisy rattle. He makes a really satisfying crunchy noise which Erin was fascinated with! 

Signature Style Pegs - Giraffe Spinner (RRP £4.99)

This cute little fella is bound to be popular with babies. He is bright and eye catching and features the same striking patterns as the rest of the range. Sensory stimulation is provided by the spinning bird and clacking rattle. Like the activity animals, the giraffe can be attached to your changing bag or buggy. 

We loved the giraffe and Elliot spent ages showing Erin the spinning bird! 

I think this is a lovely range and I adore all the bright colours and funky patterns. Sometimes baby toys can be a bit samey but Fisher Price are definitely onto a winner with these ones. I like that that toys are suitable from birth - Erin is still very young so she's not quite at the playing stage yet but she has started to find her hands and the toys are brilliant for her with all the sensory stimulations.

Are you a fan of Fisher Price toys for your children?

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