Sunday 9 April 2017

Turtles Half-Shell Heroes Mutant Loader Vehicle with Mikey - Review

I'm not quite sure how Elliot got into  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but it's one of those things that has crept up on us. He enjoys watching them on his iPad and TMNT stuff was at the top of his list last birthday and Christmas! ( I remember going a bit mad when Sainsbury's had their toy sale - so much TMNT stuff!!)

With that in mind, when I got offered a Turtles Half-Shell Heroes Mutant Loader Vehicle to review I could hardly say no could I! In fact, just like the Imaginext Arkham Asylum, he bugged me everyday waiting for the postman! 
So what does the loader vehicle do? In simple's for catching the baddies! They can be scooped up on to the forklift and with a turn of the wheel, they are lifted and flipped into the capture cage. 

Well....Elliot loved this! He immediately went and got his other TMNT figures and each and every one got scooped up into the cage, good guys or bad guys...he wasn't picky! 

The vehicle comes with a Mikey figure who is coming out of his shell for the first time this possible?! Where did he leave his shell?! Also, in my day he was called Michelangelo - how long has he been known as Mikey!? 

What I loved about this toy is that it's really chunky and well made, perfect for younger TMNT fans.(2+). Some toys can be quite flimsy but Mikey and his vehicle have already been bashed around and fallen from a great height several times with no breakages. 

The Half Shell Heroes Mutant Loader Vehicle costs £19.99 and can be purchased from most leading retailers. You can find out more about TNMT at the TNMT Toys Collectors Club or Flair PLC

*Disclaimer: We received this product in exchange for an honest review. All views are my own

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