Wednesday 9 August 2017

Deep Sea Adventures with the Octonauts at SEA LIFE Weymouth

This Summer, CBeebies favourites The Octonauts are coming to a Sealife Adventure Park near you, ready to take you on a brand new deep sea adventure.

The much anticipated Octo-Glow Explorers event will offer children and their families the chance to
join CBeebies’ most intrepid ocean explorers on a special mission to uncover the secret world of
glow in the dark sea creatures.

Elliot loves the Sealife Centre and is constantly nagging us to take him there - he was quite excited to hear we would be visiting and checking out the new Octonauts event!

On arrival in Weymouth the centre and carpark are well signposted and located within Lodmoor Country Park. Car parking is plentiful although you do have to pay for it.

Once inside we headed over to the Octonauts area where we were able to take part in the interactive acitivities to discover how creatures of the deep use light to hide from predators , attract their prey and communicate with each other. Other features included puzzles, morse code cracking and even a chance to appear on screen with the Octonauts via the magic of the green screen and a photobooth!

Newly recruited sea scientists will also be invited to share their findings in the Octo-Glow Lab with
Octonauts, Kwazii and Peso, during an Octo-Glow Explorer character meet and greet. Elliot met Kwazii and he said this was his favourite bit of the whole day!

After meeting Kwazii we went off to explore the rest of the park including the much talked about Carribean Cove play area which opened earlier this year. It's a fantastic outdoor play area featuring slides, tunnels and all manner of play equipment. Unfortunately weather wasn't on our side and it was a bit wet to play for too long but this just means we will have to return another day to explore it properly!

photo credit - Kara Guppy
The park is home to over 1000 creatures and they are separated into different creature zones including rainforest, rockpool and ocean tunnel. You can see fish of all shapes and colours (you might even spot Nemo and Dory!), otters, penguins, turtles, octopus, seahorses and many more.

Elliot enjoyed looking at the tiny seahorses and amazing Weedy Seadragons in the nursery but my favourite was the Rockpool area where we learnt all about creatures native to the UK. Children (and adults) can learn so much on a visit to the Sealife Centre with information and facts scattered around each exhibit. Did you know that starfish eat by turning their stomach inside out?!

The penguins are always fun to watch - one of them took a shine to Elliot.  Everytime Elliot moved his arm, the penguin followed him up and down the tank!

Sealife Weymouth has three food/drink outlets if you get peckish. We had lunch at the Adventurer's Grill cafe for lunch and everything was reasonably priced. It does get very busy in there although, especially at peak times and rainy days!

The entire park is buggy accessible which is brilliant for families but there are plenty of parking stations around the park where you can leave your buggy if you want a closer look at the creatures. There are also locker facilities located at Crocodile Creek if you need to store your belongings.

For ticket information, visit the SEA LIFE Weymouth website - usual admission tickets will cover entry to the Octonauts Octo-Glow Event which is running from 29th July - 28th August 2017. You can also find out more about the amazing marine conservation work  that SEA LIFE does.

We had a brilliant day out at SEA LIFE Weymouth and can't wait to return! 

*Disclaimer - We were given free entry in exchange for an honest review and coverage of the #Octoglow event

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