Sunday 27 August 2017

Livening Up Your Summer Holiday Picnics

Here we are with the end of the Summer Holidays in sight. I don't know about you but we've had countless picnics and I'm feeling a little bored of them. I've even taken to stopping off at the sandwich shop en route to our day out so I don't have to pack a picnic!

With that in mind, I've compiled a list of things that might perk up your picnic...

1. Newman's Own Salad Dressings - Sandwiches are probably the first choice on a family picnic but sometimes it's nice to pack a big salad - I personally love a chicken salad with boiled eggs! Newman's Own have a vast range of dressings and sauces to liven up your lunches and you'll be helping a great cause - 100% of the profits of Newman's Own are given to charity.
2. Nivea Sun Kids Caring Roll-On - this might not be your first choice of picnic items but is easily forgotten if you're busy keeping an eye on the kids/feeding everyone. I love this roll-on, it's so much easier doing faces and really handy for independent children who want to do it themselves!
3. Sparking Ice - Sparkling Ice is a flavoured sparkling water in 5 tasty flavours. A healthier alternative to fizzy drinks, the drinks have just 12 calories and are packed with vitamins. I can't wait to try the Black Raspberry flavour!
4. Brita Fill&Go Vital Bottle - This is the perfect bottle for picnics on the go. Available in 4 colours, the filter disk will reduce the levels of impurities and chlorine, leaving you with fresh tasting water. Refreshing!
5. Abakus Dried Jujube Fruit - The Jujube fruit is brand new to the UK market and would make a great addition to any picnic. Packed full of goodness, the Jujube fruit contain 20x times more vitamin C than citrus fruits!
6. Savoursmiths Luxury Crisps - What is a picnic without crisps?! Savoursmiths are something a little  different - featuring decadent flavours such as champagne, truffle and port and wagyu beef, these indulgent crisps are sure to inject a bit of life back in your picnic!
7. Leksands Swedish Crispbreads - If you're bored of soggy sandwiches, this might be the thing for you! Perfect topped with cheese or cured meats, these crispbreads serve up a tasty treat
8. Bibetta Large Picnic Blanket - These fab blanket is perfect for family picnics - made from thick neoprene, it is easy to clean and can be popped in the washing machine. It is thermally insulating to prevent cold and damp coming through from the ground and comes in a matching shoulder bag which is really handy for hanging on the buggy. Our Bibetta blanket has been everywhere with us these past 6 weeks!
Having fun at a Beer Festival on our Bibetta blanket!
9. Wilko Rainbow Storage Containers - These colourful stacking boxes are perfect for brightening up your picnic or storing your leftovers - 7 sizes available
10. Shloer Drinks - If you fancy something with a bit of fizz but it's too early for the prosecco, then why not pack a bottle of Shloer in your picnic. Featuring 11 flavours, including a brand new no added sugar recipe, Shloer will make your picnic a sparkling success!
11. Beau & Elliot Raindrops Cool Bag - A vital part of a picnic, I love having a large colourful cool bag to carry all our food and drink in. This lovely one has a 20 litre capacity and is definitely on my wishlist ;)
12. Crafted Fruit Juice Drinks - Crafted is a brand new juice drink featuring some delicious summery flavours including Pineapple, Coconut & Lime and Apple, Mint & Lime. With no added sugar or sweetners, each 200ml glass even counts as 1 of your 5 a day. My favourite is the Still Cloudy Lemonade - yum yum!
13. Marks & Spencers Melamine Dinner Plates - Bright and colourful, these melemine plates will stand out on your picnic and make everything better!

What are your picnic essentials? 

*Disclaimer - some of these items were provided to me for the purpose of this post

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