Wednesday 30 August 2017

Fisher Price Hippo Projection Soother - Review

We were recently sent the Fisher Price Hippo Projection Soother in pink for Erin to test out. Fisher Price is one of my favourite brands for baby toys as you can always guarantee the quality and this product was no exception!

Place the hippo on a dresser or table top to help sooth baby, filling the room with soothing, starry lights.

The hippo is made from soft, plush material and his head and legs are lovely and squishy. Three audio modes play 30 minutes of calming lullaby music, nature sounds or white noise to help baby drift off to sleep. The music and noises are controlled by the buttons on the side of the dome - they will play for 30 minutes and switch off automatically (by which point hopefully your baby has drifted off to the land of nod!) - if you wish to stop them earlier, you just need to press the button again.

The hippo is suitable from birth so it was ideal for Erin to test out at 8 months old. I loved the projector - the dome area is quite big so the stars cover a massive part of the ceiling, if not all of it. They aren't too bright or flashy but very soothing. Placing the soother in the middle of the room gets the best coverage I found.

Photo credit - Smyths Toys
I've never really used white noise for Erin (or Elliot) to sooth but I do really like the nature noise option - it's very relaxing and I could certainly drift off to sleep listening to it!

Although the soother isn't really a cuddly toy (due to the big dome in the middle!), Erin has enjoyed playing with the hippo on her mat. I imagine the plush material feels really nice on her fingers.

Erin is generally a good sleeper but I have been using the noises for naptime as a background noise - our house is never quiet (having a 4yr old does that) so it just makes it a bit more soothing for her when shes napping.

She isn't too fussed about the stars but Elliot has been using the hippo as a nightlight recently. He always complains that his room is too dark when we put him to bed so the hippo has been really handy for him to pop on while he's settling down. (I then take the hippo back to Erin's room when he's asleep incase she wakes up and needs settling!)

Our Fisher Price Hippo is a lovely pale pink colour but he also comes in blue and costs £22.99.

*Disclaimer - We were sent this item in return for an honest review. All views are my own

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