Sunday 11 March 2018

Brightening Up Our Bedroom for Spring

Winter seems to have rolled on long enough now and with the reappearance of some sunshine this week after all that snow, I am feeling the need to brighten up our home in time for the warmer weather. We live in a lovely bungalow but it is rented so we are a bit tied when it comes to decorating and changing things up. Our bedroom is has a feature wall which initially took some time for me to like but I love it now - the wallpaper features turquoise and grey flowers and the colours look really nice when the sun is shining through the patio doors.

Because most of our bedding was bought when we lived in our previous house, none of it really matches the wallpaper and can look a bit messy. I decided that upgrading our bedding would be an easy, inexpensive way to brighten things up and a chance to finally have a room that matched!

I began looking online and I was immediately drawn to the bedding section of JD Williams. I have previously bought clothing from them but didn't actually realise they had such a big homeware section so this was a nice surprise.

I had a rough idea in my mind of what I was looking for and the website made it very easy for me to narrow down my choices, searching for different colours, design or even thread count. I eventually decided on a crisp white duvet cover set which had a lovely patterned quilting effect across the middle. I loved the colours and I knew they would be a good match for our wallpaper.

I also got a matching teal throw which features the same geometric pattern and is made of a soft matt satin fabric. This combined with the patterned duvet cover has made a big difference to the bedroom. I love the colours, the quality is outstanding and they do indeed go really well with the feature wall.

I would also like to get some matching cushions to go with the duvet set and I did spot some when I browsing on the JD Williams site. They are the perfect colour so I think I'll definitely be getting these - the hard part will be keeping the cushions on the bed with the kids around though!!
The next thing on my list for the bedroom is to declutter which I'm sure will make a big difference to brightening the room up. My wardrobe is crying out for a sort out and I'm sure half of the toy box has made it's way into the nooks and crannies of the room! 

Once that's done, I'll be moving onto the children's rooms and seeing how I can brighten things up. Erin's room is part nursery/part office so I'll definitely be looking at some new pictures for the wall and maybe some bunting so make it a bit girlier for her. And Elliot's room needs a bit of an overhaul so that isn't a small job. In the next few weeks we'll be making a trip to Ikea to pick up some decent storage for his room and I can't wait to update things! 

Note the very bare walls!

*Disclaimer - We were sent these bedding items for the purpose of this post. All thoughts are my own and I'm now aware that I should probably iron my bedsheets!! 

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