Thursday 8 March 2018

Erin Update - Life at 13 months!

I know I always say this but just how fast has the time gone - Erin turned one back in January and that just makes my head hurt, where did the time go! I appear to have blinked and she's changed from a newborn into a crawling, cheeky toddler. Slow down please!

It's been a few months since her last update on here so thought it would be a perfect time to do one, now she has reached her first birthday. So here we go...

Weight / Size

 I haven't had her weighed for a little while but she was 24lb the last time I went to the baby clinic. She's up there in the 90th percentile which is exactly where Elliot was and I know she has a very healthy appetite so no concerns from me. I've also noticed how tall she has gotten recently - she's definitely catching her little toddler friends up!

She's now in 12-18 months clothes bar a few sleepsuits which I always find way too long so they are always the last items of clothing to be moved up a size! She has so many lovely clothes including some lovely little dresses that my mum bought her - she mostly wears leggings and tops though as these are very practical when shes climbing everything in sight.


She's a great eater and scoffs most things put in front of her. Her current favourite lunch is the little skinless sausages and spaghetti hoops - just like her brother! She will eat fruit like theres no tomorrow, epecially blueberries and strawberries. She's also started to enjoy apples although it takes her ages to eat it - but its quite handy when I need her to be occupied for a bit ;)

We found the switch from formula to cows milk really easy and she just has one bottle of blue top milk at bedtime. I haven't attempted to ditch the bottles just yet, I know the health visitors advise you to at one but it took us months to find a cup that Elliot would drink from when he was the same age so I'm not fussed if she has a bottle for a while longer.


Erin will have her bottle around 7ish and she'll either fall asleep on me or I'll have a cuddle with her in her bedroom til she's asleep. Generally she isn't a bad sleeper although the dreaded teething did put a spanner in the works for a few weeks. If she does wake up, it usually tends to be between 2-4am and the easiest thing I find is to pop her in with us and put her back once shes asleep. Doesn't work for everyone, I know some parents are totally against letting their children sleep in their beds but I'd rather do that and we actually get some more sleep rather than me spending hours trying to get her back to sleep in her room!

Naptimes are getting easier, she sleeps for longer these days. She normally has 1 or 2 naps a day.  The only issue we have in the afternoon is the school run! I either have to get her to sleep in the buggy before we go or try when we get back. But I hate letting her sleep much past 4pm because I know she will be a little monkey at bedtime!!


Well she is so so close to walking now - she has been shuffling along the sofa and pulling herself up for ages but in the last week or so she has got more confident holding onto one of our hands and walking. She loves her walkers too - she'll go up and down the lounge,  bulldozing everything out of the way! 

She's also learnt to climb in the last few weeks - I keep catching her on top of her toy box! We have three steps in our lounge that lead up to the kitchen and she can get up them so fast. Think I need to get the stair gate out of the garage!

Looking rather pleased with herself!!

She's a right little chatterbox at the moment and just in the last few days she's started to say "Mummy" rather than mumma. Which is lovely but not when shes shouting it at the top of her voice and holding out her hand for food!! 

I think we have around 10 teeth with a couple more on their way through. She's not suffered too badly with teething but has had some awful nappies!! 

What do we get up to?

I have to admit we haven't been to half as many baby classes as we did with Elliot but life is just that much busier with two - my day seems to revolve around the school run and fitting it all those other jobs I need to do. We do go to a lovely music class every Monday called Moo Music which Erin loves - we even booked the lady to entertain at Erin's 1st birthday party and all the children had such a lovely time :) 

Lovely Libby from Moo Music Poole

We still do our swimming lessons every week with Turtle Tots and Erin loves this - we swim in a really lovely little pool too and it's like getting into a hot bath. It's lovely to see how she is progressing. 

Elliot and Erin

These two get on so well - wherever Elliot goes, Erin is never far behind! I quite often wake up and hear the pair of them over the monitor - Elliot will get into her cot and play with her when she wakes up. He's not so keen on her going in his bedroom though - especially when she trashes the place!

What Erin likes at 13 Months

Hey Duggee (they can't get enough of the stick song!)
toasted teacakes and hot cross buns
Books, especially the ones that have buttons and make a noise
Cruising along with her walker
Getting every single toy out of the toy box
Escaping up the stairs into the kitchen
Bathtime, especially with Elliot (me, not so much....I usually need to change my clothes after!)
Anything remotely musical
The remote controls
Looking at photos and picking out the faces she knows
chips...she's a bit of a potato fiend!

What Erin Dislikes at 13 Months

Being cooped up in her highchair for too long
Running out of food
People not sharing food
Having to lie still for nappy changes
Being told no!
Getting her face wiped
Being strapped into the buggy too long

I love these kitty jeans!

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