Sunday 22 February 2015

Docrafts Boys Activity Bag Review

On rainy days Play doh, colouring or cake baking is my usual go-to activity for when we're bored of playing or watching CBeebies. I've always fancied giving arts & crafts a go but with a 2 year old it's hard to know where to start! Recently Docrafts sent us an exciting activity bag, filled to the brim with crafty stuff for us to try.

Boys goody bag from do crafts

Our goody bag contained:
- funky foam
- Googly eyes
- a make your own doggy keyring kit
- mini pompoms
- glittery pipecleaners
- feathers
- draw and make your own jigsaw
- 3 lots of stickers
- packet of foam hands and feet
- Space cadet activity pack

We decided to make an alien picture which was featured on a leaflet in the bag. For lots more inspiration, take a look at the crafting community on the Docrafts website!

Elliot was really keen to get involved and he was fascinated with the glue!! Obviously I had to do all the cutting but he loved sticking all the foam down and seeing his alien take shape.

The finished result was pretty impressive, even for craft beginners like us!!

These activity packs are only £9.95 which I think is excellent value considering there is so much stuff in there. Elliot thoroughly enjoyed himself and couldn't wait to show his Daddy so it's safe to say we have the crafting bug and no doubt I'll be buying more craft supplies for home!

*Disclaimer: I received the goody bag for the purpose of this honest review. All views are my own

Mami 2 Five


  1. Looks like really really good value for what you get. I'm not a huge craft fan albeit my kids adore it! They all say 'Mummy does;t like craft'! They are right!!

    1. Yeh its definitely good value and saves buying lots of bits seperately! x

  2. Ahh looks like a great time was had as well as a great craft kit. We need to do more of this with my two for sure. I am always scared of the mess crafts make but love kits to do things so much easier to contain it all. Lovely post. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    1. Thats the problem, the mess! We've yet to do any painting at home purely for that reason...think I might wait until the summer when we can go outside and do it ! x


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