Wednesday 18 February 2015

Life Before and After Kids

Comparing Life Before and After Children

People tell you that your life will change once you've had a baby and I didn't really believe that. I assumed I'd be able to carry on as before just with a little person in tow! How wrong was I?!!!! Here's a few things that might sound familiar if you're a parent:

Staying up Late

Before Kids - At weekends we'd think nothing of staying up til 3am watching films, sometimes we'd even stay out til 3am!!! 
After Kids - I'm lucky to make it past 9pm before I'm snoring on the sofa. If we watch a film it has to go on as soon as Elliot is in bed otherwise it'll finish too late and I might fall asleep. Well I say might...I mean I will definitely fall asleep! Don't remember the last time we watched a film and I made it to the end :/

Lie Ins

Before Kids - Following on from our late night movie sessions we'd usually sleep in til gone 11am. Never had breakfast at the weekend, it was just lunch when we finally got up!
After Kids - there is no such thing as a lie in once you have a baby! 7am and I am woken up by a little voice shouting "Mummy! Get up time now!". And these days I'm always up for breakfast...

Disposable Income

Before Kids - I'd think nothing of going into town on my lunchbreak for a bit of shopping. A new top? Why not! Some make up and posh toiletries? Go on then! And we'd go to the cinema at least once a week..
After Kids - Usually gets spent on crappy kids magazines, kinder eggs and softplay entrance...not in that order!

Food Shopping

Before Kids - A leisurely stroll round Tesco followed by a drink in the cafe with time to read the papers
After Kids - Parking miles away from the entrance so we don't have to walk past the bloody Bob the Builder sit on digger. Being bombarded with "Mummy, want that! Mummy buy that!". Not leaving the trolley parked up too close to the shelves otherwise everything gets touched "ooh whats that Mummy". Finding things in my trolley that I most definitely did not put in there...and I'll give you three guesses who did! 


Before Kids - My iPod was never far away and the radio was always on in the car, I knew who was number one and what was current. 
After Kids - My iPod is mainly used for keeping Elliot amused in the car, it features a play list of songs including Bob the Builder, CBeebies albums and the Frog Song. I have no idea about current music and don't recognise any songs if I listen to Radio 1!

Going out for Dinner

Before Kids - Picking somewhere nice depending on what we fancied eating
After kids - Picking somewhere that is child friendly and offers decent kids meals, freebies like stickers and crayons also a bonus. Somewhere that won't mind if we make a mess, or a noise, or a bad smell!! 

Leaving the House

Before Kids - Pick up bag and go. 
After Kids - Catch toddler who is running around "like a cheetah Mummy!", rugby tackle him to change his bum, pin him down to get shoes and coat on, make sure changing bag is restocked and contains snacks, put my shoes on, notice toddler has taken off his coat and jumper, re-dress toddler, find keys, stop toddler from bringing every single dinosaur he owns with him, open front door, "Done a poo Mummy!".....Arghhhhhhhhh!!

What parts of your life have changed dramatically since having children?

Super Busy Mum

Zenas Suitcase


  1. sleep! My kiddies are awake around 6-6.30am - I used to sleep in until around 10-11am. If I do get a rare lay-in I end up with a headache that's with me all day!

    1. I miss being able to catch up with sleep at the weekends, I think children have this internal alarm clock that goes off even earlier on sundays!! x

  2. Haha brilliant! Yep that's my. New life!

  3. OMG this is so true on my case as well! How can it not be the same =P #mmwbh

  4. Haha! Great post - yes, life certainly changes. I can't remember my pre-children life! Thank you for linking up to "MyFavouritePost Kaz x

  5. The last one made me howl. What a great post. Thanks for linking up with #myfavouritepost


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