Wednesday 4 March 2015

Bluestone National Park Resort - Day 2, Riding the Waves

Bluestone - Day 2

After a great night's sleep in a very comfortable bed, it was a leisurely morning for us. Hubby was tired from all the driving (and my snoring...oops!) so we let him have a lie-in. While he was snoozing, Elliot and I were getting acquainted with the local wildlife! I noticed quite a few birds flying past so I put some bread out by our patio door to tempt some down. We didn't have to wait long before we were visited by at least 5 different types of bird including some cute little blue tits. Then the seagulls appeared, they were greedy and scared all the little birds away! Elliot had his nose up against the window and was enthralled!

Blue Lagoon

We decided to try out the Blue Lagoon waterpark today. When we arrived it was pretty busy and there were no family changing rooms left. Not a problem for us as I took Elliot into the female changing rooms with me but I did hear a few grumbles from other swimmers who were waiting for a family one. There were plenty of lockers around both changing rooms.

Photo Credit - BlueStone
Once in the pool, Elliot was practically squeaking with excitement!! We got in just as the wave machine started so that was interesting, didn't realise how forceful the waves were and almost toppled over!! The wave machine comes on every 20 minutes and it's brilliant fun once you get used to it! The lazy river was probably my favourite and you even get to go outside. You'd think it would be freezing but actually it felt quite refreshing and you're soon back inside. Might not be so fun when raining though ;)
For the little ones there is a toddler corner which has a slide and a rock pool area to climb in and along. Elliot loved this and it was a job to get him out! There is also a pirates shipwreck and splash pool which we had lots of fun in. For the thrill seekers there are four flumes to whizz down - not my cup of tea (too scary!) but hubby had fun trying them out.
We probably spent around an hour in the pool - Elliot was SO tired otherwise we would have stayed longer! It was much quieter when we left so we had no problem finding a family changing room.

The Adventure Centre

As it was lunchtime we headed over to the Wildwood Cafe in the Adventure Centre which is set around a giant treehouse and enchanted land. Hubby and I had baguettes for our lunch whilst Elliot had sausage, chips and peas. We did actually ask for a jacket potato rather than chips but as soon as he spotted the chips we knew there was no use in sending it back! The menu wasn't vast but to be honest it was perfect for a quick lunch stop and fairly reasonable.

The Adventure Centre is massive and has so much to do to suit all ages. We visited the Circus Zone which is a large room decked out like a big top and has tons of stuff for a toddler to enjoy. Elliot played with giant lego, rode on a mini rollercoaster, climbed across lots of soft play toys and attempted to ride a trike! Best of all, we had the room to ourselves so he could make as much noise as he liked!

Back downstairs in the Adventure Centre we quickly spotted the bouncy castle and Elliot had great fun boinging around. He then made a bee line for the lego section and we created his name on the big Lego name wall. (I loved that part!). There are lots to do for older kids such as climbing walls, crazy golf, high ropes and an arcade. You could spend hours in here!

The Village

After naptime we jumped in our buggy and did a bit of exploring round the resort. We parked up at the Village and found the Treetops Adventure Playground which Elliot loved. There was a section called Treetots for the very young and he had a whale of a time climbing through tunnels and whizzing down the slide. 

The Village is home to several places to eat, a bakery, a toy shop, a convenience store and even a pub! We stopped for a quick drink in the pub but didn't eat although the food coming out did look nice. 
When we left we realised we'd just missed a heavy downpour....which was great but not so great for our poor little buggy who's seats were rather soggy! Wet bums all round! 

We've managed to squeeze a fair bit into today but there is still so much to see, I'm worried we will run out of time. But that means we might have to return for another holiday next year ;) 

Tomorrow we will be visiting Folly Farm just down the road near Tenby, Very excited to meet some giraffes! 

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