Friday 20 March 2015

Dinosaurs, dates and googly eyes #LittleLoves

Excited to be joining in with a new linky this week. Stumbled upon #LittleLoves hosted by Morgana at "But Why Mummy Why?" so here is our round up of the week :)


Elliot is a little book worm and we generally buy a new book a week! Kids books are so cheap in the supermarket and I'd much rather spend money on something educational for him than a magazine for me. This week we picked up Dinosaurs in the Supermarket, By Timothy Knapman - yet another dinosaur themed book to add to the collection!! 

Blogwise I have read some really good posts this week. Faves include:


Fortitude has us gripped at the moment - it's filling the hole left by Broadchurch! 
I've also been catching up with First Dates on Channel 4 - I love being nosy and it's sometimes so awkward!! 

Photo Credit: Sky Atlantic/Channel4


Nothing new in our wardrobes this week but I am loving all the Spring collections in the shops at the moment. I'm going shopping in Southampton next week to buy a wedding outfit so hopefully I'll be able to show you a new outfit on next week's #LittleLoves! 


Since my husband came back from the US in January he has been banging on about this song...I assumed it was a random song he'd heard on a random US radio station but imagine my surprise when I heard it on radio here! It's so bloody catchy, it'll get stuck right in your head!


We finally organised our craft box this week and we now have tons of stuff for rainy days at home! Elliot wanted to make a picture for his daddy so he came up with this masterpiece this week...I love the random googly eyes at the bottom ;)

And lastly...

Elliot is off to his Grandparent's for a sleepover at the weekend so my husband and I are going out for a nice meal, I can't remember the last time we were child free on a Saturday night!! It also means a lie in on Sunday - woohoo!



  1. Ooh my son loves dinosaur books so I may have a look for that one, we have quite the collection here too.
    Enjoy your little shopping trip, I'm trying to resist spending money on new clothes! Have a lovely weekend xx

    1. I think we have every dinosaur book Asda have ever sold in the last two years lol! x

  2. I put First Dates in my watched section as well, I love it! Love Hozier's song too x

  3. Argh First Dates can be so awkward!! Some of the things they say... Aww that's such a cute picture :) hope you guys had a lovely evening and a lie in xx

    1. It's great isn't it!! We had a lovely night out thanks xx

  4. I love both Fortitude and First Dates, both so good for very different reasons obviously! Hope you had a lovely date night at the weekend xx


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